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  • Song/Music pls

    LUioooLUiooo14 timer siden
  • 0:36 NiKo killing team mates to make it competitive

    Chandravo BhattacharyaChandravo Bhattacharya14 timer siden
  • ренегады стали играть лучше

    erererer15 timer siden

    SabexTigerSabexTiger16 timer siden
  • Without s1mple navi will not win any touraments

    alex salex s17 timer siden
  • MICHU means Broken Mic in Vietnamese, just wanna let you guys know XD

    Quang PhanQuang Phan19 timer siden
  • 0:36 why is he killing teammates

    asxocasxoc19 timer siden
  • Iz koje su vukojebine dogurali Kapa do poda ❤️

    Mk3xxxMk3xxx19 timer siden
  • He doesn't play the game , He Lives It

    The Art Of FeaR Valorant CSGOThe Art Of FeaR Valorant CSGO21 time siden
  • s1mple beast!

    Ananda M. AbrahamAnanda M. Abraham21 time siden
  • imagine, if double aces happend in one round in the pro scene. bomb planted* CT got an ace (but gets naded by the T)* but T got an ace too with the nade kill on the last CT

    QuillnLgndQuillnLgnd21 time siden
  • It's cool to see how s1mple matured as both a player and person as the years went by. Nice list

    blankblank22 timer siden
  • 9:21 🟥🟥 VAC 🟥🟥

    Akshat PandeyAkshat Pandey22 timer siden
  • 24 Teams, 120 players. And S1mple made 13% of all the aces, thats brutal.

    Not a Clio Guy (Yet)Not a Clio Guy (Yet)22 timer siden
  • I would've liked this video better on Matz channel

    PearPear23 timer siden
  • My dirty mind come again. " you can't peek down there" u getting ?

    Cinematic FilmCinematic FilmDag siden
  • tabseN is probably one of my favourite aimer igl, his aim is so crisp

    neibqfneibqfDag siden

    xposExposEDag siden
  • Make one for best clutches aswell

    X RayzX RayzDag siden
  • Describing Zywoo he was basically talking about himself.

  • i like how they all talk about lan and how new players may falter despite alot of these aces being from new blood, just proves its all bullshit and storylines you fools believe

    Oskar BeresOskar BeresDag siden
  • The audio levels are all over the place Had to adjust the audio after almost every single clip

    SkywalkerSkywalkerDag siden
  • But where is the Major

    arthur Schmidtarthur SchmidtDag siden
  • 40m of POGGERS

    BUSTAcapBUSTAcapDag siden
  • Holy shit... 30?!!!! Bruh

  • Shame for ESL for striking Matz Csgo channel. He had better highlights than u provide.

    AlexAlexDag siden
  • 17:03 sleepover in The Shire goes wrong

    Luke GeaneyLuke GeaneyDag siden
  • I can't get over the "Go on Nexa" from the casters, somebody help!!!!!!!

    Kislay KriteshKislay KriteshDag siden
  • Twists Deagle Ace against vitality?

    MOMOMOMODag siden
  • 1:55 ooops

    GreeN aDDDGreeN aDDDDag siden
  • ESL, these matches are all available to you so why are the volumes on different levels as if they're taken from different sources? Hell even if it was you could still edit it. The cuts to the next ace are also pretty awkward most of the time, no transitions or short introduction of the play/player. You guys are one of the best and longest running in the business and I love you guys but I've seen other content creators pump out better edited highlights. Especially for a video as hype as 30 Aces from the first LAN event since the lockdowns started.

    ginginDag siden
    • True. Just don't know why they forbid the content creation while they can not create at least same level contents......

      Chih-Wei ChienChih-Wei Chien15 timer siden
    • Yeah these guys are not allowing others to post these highlights and they pay literally no effort in the clips lol like this could have reduced in time but its long af video

      TusharTushar15 timer siden
  • 13:45 BRUH!

    AmAn KumArAmAn KumArDag siden
  • is the ACE record considered if it was an ECO round?

    Jov PalJov PalDag siden
    • Yup surely an ace is an ace

      Kislay KriteshKislay KriteshDag siden
  • When commentator said MeWho I felt that

    BlackfireBlackfireDag siden
  • BIG should have gone further

    Sten GillesSten GillesDag siden
  • 27:42 the read by Zywoo there... holy shit

    VisgraatjeVisgraatjeDag siden
  • Lool my chanell xD

    Eagle MasterEagle MasterDag siden
  • 30 ? hot damn

    Get LITGet LITDag siden
  • We watched the length of a whole match. GJ IEM Cologne Teams.

    Dreaming AwayDreaming AwayDag siden
  • Wow, that's a lot of aces!

    BM HeadesBM HeadesDag siden
  • S1mple!!!!

    jm bayzonjm bayzonDag siden
  • Bymas' 'dont celebrate too early' moment

    PDRPDRDag siden
  • I'm playing the Valorant ace sfx in my mind

    Timothy CarbonellTimothy CarbonellDag siden
  • Please hire Matz csgo to do your compilations instead of striking them. He is obviously better at it. Make it happen

    Alex WhelanAlex WhelanDag siden
    • Yeah it's bad. Cutting corners at every opportunity. At least put in the effort if you take this long to release it. Matz uploads within 2 hours of the game with a perfect compilation. No reason not to hire the guy.

      Alex WhelanAlex Whelan18 timer siden
    • Esl disapointed here (quality wise). Even basic cuts were bad. Someone added all the twitch clips to one video ? Also, might as well hire Virre :)

      TheNiittylahtiTheNiittylahtiDag siden
    • Agreed, some of these aces where innecessary dragged

      Kimi RaikkonenKimi RaikkonenDag siden
  • You're welcome! 22:13 s1mple vs. Renegades 31:35 s1mple vs. Astralis 32:34 s1mple vs. Astralis 2 36:58 s1mple vs. G2

    Geser Bat-ErdeneGeser Bat-ErdeneDag siden
    • @igolo okk nvm

      Ojas DigheOjas Dighe19 timer siden
    • @VSauce Here ?

      igoloigoloDag siden
    • @Ojas Dighe how is that salty?

      igoloigoloDag siden
    • @igolo salty?

      Ojas DigheOjas DigheDag siden
    • @igolo FOFF

      VSauce HereVSauce HereDag siden
  • Wallpaper Engine background :D

    SimonSimonDag siden
  • all the others players aces Zzz but the ace of s1mple serves me :v

    David Jesus Mansilla LudeñaDavid Jesus Mansilla LudeñaDag siden
  • 30?

    penis Factspenis FactsDag siden
  • Damn 30 fkin aces in an event damn. Whats the highest record tho for aces in a big event?

    ahmad adamahmad adamDag siden
    • @bakar dahoud ah my bad

      limylimy21 time siden
    • I think he asked about total aces not individual

      bakar dahoudbakar dahoudDag siden
    • 4, currently held by s1mple at the recent LAN in Cologne

      limylimyDag siden
    • Ask s1mple

      OP RatorOP RatorDag siden
  • Tabsen had 2, he deserved to be on the thumbnail at least

    onezeroonezeroDag siden
  • Meanwhile I haven't got an ace in matchmaking in about four years, feelsbadman.

    CSGOWoesCSGOWoesDag siden
  • broky, naw that ben shapiro

    gotcha spooked ya gaminggotcha spooked ya gamingDag siden
  • IEM Cologne 2021: Full of ACES . . . . . Euro 2021: Full of own goals

    सौम्य Pandeyसौम्य PandeyDag siden
  • 22:53 Twistzz be like "You made my team suffer,I changed paths to make you suffer"

    Fade SwagFade SwagDag siden
    • @pr0metheus yeah... brother you know what...since a very long time I was a huge fan of Twistzz and I supported TL...but after Twistzz moved to Faze Clan,it seems like something's not right 😅

      Fade SwagFade SwagDag siden
    • They still lost the map

      pr0metheuspr0metheusDag siden
  • " Just hunting for those eco frags "... sits on site

    jymybcsjymybcsDag siden
  • Csgo tournament still better than valorant

    Artist RecognizeArtist RecognizeDag siden
  • Add some type of visual effect when somebody getting Ace plzz

    osher naimosher naimDag siden
  • nexa went from 0 kills in 8 rounds to getting an Ace, dude was just warming up xD

    HuzzyBoiiHuzzyBoiiDag siden
    • still not enough,but its still insane to see. gr8 stuff from nexa

      Đoàn Hiển LongĐoàn Hiển LongDag siden
  • Want coms for s1mple last ace 🤩🤩

    PrashantPrashantDag siden
  • 13:47

    Mick CSGOMick CSGODag siden
  • 54:38 - "s1mple from the heavens, appropriately for a god!" :D

    Nikola BabadzhanovNikola BabadzhanovDag siden
  • LAN hit different please yall need at least held Major on LAN i beg you 🙏

    JimmyJimmyDag siden
    • Major will be on LAN only. Valve rules.

      Sambit MishraSambit MishraDag siden
  • Simple's ace against G2 so sick!!!

    Maksat IbraimovMaksat IbraimovDag siden
  • btw what keyboard/mouse u guys use?

    JenovaJenovaDag siden
  • I really want to see eg magisk instead of c0l magisk 😞 liquid glaive .we need more strong team

    Zul AimanZul AimanDag siden
  • This doesn't even have the play-in aces.. so in total the tournament had even more than 30 aces.. absolutely mental !!!

    Shrey SharmaShrey SharmaDag siden
  • 29:22 k1to v.s. team_buster

  • Average aces per game? I feel like its super high.

    Wg Cdr ElliotWg Cdr ElliotDag siden
  • Dream team: s1mple, ropz, Niko, shox, MICHU

    bot 807bot 807Dag siden
    • s1imple, ropz, gla1ve, NiKo, Twistzz

      Dustin H.Dustin H.23 timer siden
    • Nah man. Gotta swap MICHU for gla1ve.

      Joshua BlankJoshua BlankDag siden
    • @Pedro Soares I was gonna go with nafany but whatever.

      bot 807bot 807Dag siden
    • You could choose anyone and you chose MICHU ? Bro

      Pedro SoaresPedro SoaresDag siden
  • most aces in a tournament? what wasthe record before this

    Abdillah FatikhataAbdillah FatikhataDag siden
  • Thats Genius. Not anymore!!

    Jean Stank NatalJean Stank NatalDag siden
  • At 29:30 it's called k1to vs. buster instead of k1to vs. VP

    jonasba276jonasba276Dag siden