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  • kennyS doesn't play AWP. kennyS is AWP.

    prod1gyprod1gy17 timer siden
  • would be more interesting if you showed longer clips instead of just 5 minutes of people screaming "NIIIIIICE"

    WernerWerner18 timer siden

    Cole OlsonCole Olson21 time siden
  • *keep Astralis competing at an unprecedented level. Astralis proceeds to get their ass whipped 2-16

    Elric PottElric Pott22 timer siden
  • Damn bro ....allready 3 years fast ,i wish shroud play again cs

    Iulian SacuiuIulian Sacuiu22 timer siden
  • U CANT WIN PRO LEAGUE LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harsha PaiHarsha Pai23 timer siden
  • Nostalgia

    ze onze onDag siden
  • i miss these days..... what a team

    Eduardo Santiago CalEduardo Santiago CalDag siden
  • dobry gracz :D

    cxzeycxzeyDag siden
  • I can't believe that happened

    SkyHoolerSkyHoolerDag siden
  • You need to have HUUGE BALLS to knife somebody in 1v4 situation on so open area as stairs are. + its matchpoint of the GrandFinals? WOW! Hat down Cadian. And this team reaction? <3 Priceless.

    Skill-UP DimensionSkill-UP DimensionDag siden
  • for people who dont play this game and have no clue why its followed by this reaction , it was the closest thing to a fucking MIRACLE

    Kakha TchediaKakha TchediaDag siden

    DaccarettDaccarettDag siden
  • Please someone hire this beautiful baguette <3

    Antoine LeclercqAntoine LeclercqDag siden
  • Caramba😱

    Thalyandra AndradeThalyandra AndradeDag siden
  • I'm a fan of Gambit, but in that night Cadian was on fire 🔥 . Again my congrats to Heroic ✊

    Al MAl MDag siden
  • This is normal me against meium bot xddd

    timothy autimatictimothy autimaticDag siden
  • A moment in History

    DipankDipankDag siden
  • 0:57 The girl

    ajay sonawaneajay sonawaneDag siden
  • Top

    UYCUYCDag siden
  • Gambit: Blyat Heroic: Sådan drenge

    W1NSLOWW1NSLOWDag siden
  • To much cheating in cs:go 😏 I hope Valve would make a anticheat system that can detect Ring0 to Ring3 cheats instant, so we can get true sportmanship back into the game again 🤗

    MaxeMaxeDag siden
  • Моё почтение CadiaN. Капитан команды закрывает игры 😎

    WelpWelpDag siden
  • insane!

    Ros1kkRos1kkDag siden
  • 4:46 I know you guys come for this :D

    Wess zzWess zzDag siden
  • "Почему русские вперед, я же казах" говорит и в комнате 4 русских сидит, а это тело вообще непонять какое отношение имеет к ним и к ксу в целом, лол). Даже в комментариях отмечают, что этот клоун оделся как на job interview. Поэтому эта команда в принципе обречена, как и прошлая. Потому что эти нацики даже вдвоем умудряются какой-то национальный вопрос поднимать и не могут себя адекватно вести, как и этот хоббит в прошлых гамбитах, когда сизд хорошо отыгрывал, но он начал ему завидовать и кикнул со своими дружками казахами, а до этого ровно по той же причине выпнули зевса и мишу кейна. Затем в конце концов развалив команду полностью.

    Aleksei CorbinAleksei CorbinDag siden
  • 0:36 As german it sounds like Cadian is saying: so geht das Sjuush! (thats how it has to be done)

    MGMGDag siden
    • ich hätte gedacht "so muss das" idk

      CamyuCamyu19 timer siden
  • insane

    i'm your new godi'm your new godDag siden
  • Dalej ciary przechodzą

    Sebastian NowakSebastian NowakDag siden
  • 2:23 Goosebumps

    Owais FayazOwais FayazDag siden
  • that was one of the most badass csgo vids I've seen

    niko alex04niko alex04Dag siden
  • Просто Швед 1:11

    KalaridKalaridDag siden
  • graffiti time

    Nick BuschNick BuschDag siden
  • I saw this a thousand times, still gives me Goosebumps: The clutch n Machine's commentary 🙌

    Manish TakManish TakDag siden
  • Legends thought this video was pubg snax🤣

    Thejas Kumar K NThejas Kumar K NDag siden
  • ข้าวเหนียวไก่ทอด

    Prasert VisitsubPrasert VisitsubDag siden
  • this play just hits different with how hype the caster is

    Seth BartolomeSeth BartolomeDag siden
  • This video is naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee👍

    K knIgHtK knIgHtDag siden
  • KennyACE

    Prasad JagtapPrasad JagtapDag siden
  • A 2 de HP

    Call Me DESaSTERCall Me DESaSTERDag siden

    ACEACE2 dager siden
  • At this point i am just waiting for return of Chad SPUNJ Burchill and witness how he rekts everybody.

    maXXmaXX2 dager siden
  • YOU CAN'T WIN THE ESL PRO LEAGUE LIKE THIS CADIAN!!! Vemos que não é só o Gaules que zika

    Vitor PaniniVitor Panini2 dager siden
  • "Take your time son, you're about to make the play of you career" God tier casting

    Facu AsdasdFacu Asdasd2 dager siden
  • "Take your time son, you're about to get the highlight of your career"

    Jack BootJack Boot2 dager siden
  • Name song

    Owaldo Franz Sardon CespesdesOwaldo Franz Sardon Cespesdes2 dager siden
  • OMG thank god I watched it live. That was unreal. ⚡⚡

    tr1xztr1xz2 dager siden
  • insane

    gabriel blancogabriel blanco2 dager siden
  • Darth Vader got me there

    Avada KedavraAvada Kedavra2 dager siden
  • And now that spot (Stairs) is called cadiaN

    Nine Tailed Fox Lieutenant [Redacted]Nine Tailed Fox Lieutenant [Redacted]2 dager siden
  • I still see that poor girl tryna fit in lmao

    Basil WinloveBasil Winlove2 dager siden
  • Here's the speech in the song This is a feeling that nobody can give you, you have to fight for it you have to earn it and in order to be better than somebody else you have to cross to the otherside and find the better version of you. You have to be stubborn you have to persevere you have to put your life towards achieving that goal and you have to make sacrifices this is why some people for that feeling dedicate their entire life to feel that feeling over and over and over again because this is what champions do.

    Cozy SodaCozy Soda2 dager siden
  • EZ way to commemorate this A Knife-Skull-Wallbang-Skull poster on the Stairs Door. (I know, graffitis are for Majors, but this needs to be immortalized on Mirage)

    Jeff GumawidJeff Gumawid2 dager siden
  • So hypedddddd

    Xuân VũXuân Vũ2 dager siden
  • Breaking news: The round will be replayed - the rules REALLY say "You can't win like this". It was put in there after s1mple did s1mple too much...

    Def WishFXDef WishFX2 dager siden
  • Graffiti

    ad.ead.e2 dager siden
  • I got chills man.. no armor p250 2hp knife kill, wallbang, bom in mid A, 1v4. What a play

    Ario RWArio RW2 dager siden
  • This is goin down in history

    LilriceLilrice2 dager siden
  • i don't know who is better, coldzera or fallen

    mike bugadomike bugado2 dager siden
  • man i just love these guys

    David FinsénDavid Finsén2 dager siden
  • ._. no understand

    gnkh2 mcsgnkh2 mcs2 dager siden
  • Cadian you can’t win pro league like this

    JUMPBUGJUMPBUG2 dager siden
  • idk, it was allright.

    LungtoLungto2 dager siden
    • It was allright play. Just happened to be match point round.

      LungtoLungto2 dager siden
    • allright? was fucking insane you idiot, was a grand final

      Christopher MoltisantiChristopher Moltisanti2 dager siden
  • Everything is perfect but Kenny's cfg is right handed

    erjan alybekoverjan alybekov2 dager siden
  • We want to see the full coms

    Frederick SacramentoFrederick Sacramento2 dager siden
  • Wow just wow he become 100 lvl boss.

    Frederick SacramentoFrederick Sacramento2 dager siden
  • Most amazing words are not on this video. At the beginning of the round CadiaN throw decoy do palace, and caster said "decoy can win this round". That's why enemy plauers was sure, he's in palace.

    Kitsune001KeiKitsune001Kei2 dager siden
  • Go grafiti csgo

    Mikołaj CR7Mikołaj CR72 dager siden
  • I wanna feel the adrenaline cadian felt after that

    Jr Se7enJr Se7en2 dager siden
  • this is absolutely beautiful

    skyeskye2 dager siden
  • Dont mind me, im just staring at his forehead.

    GrimGrim2 dager siden
  • *Naaais*

    Taosif MahirTaosif Mahir2 dager siden
  • What´s the first song name tho

    SilverSlainerSilverSlainer2 dager siden
  • 1 Gambit moment-10 Heroic, ok ESL 👍

    Q A-Q A-2 dager siden
    • @Sebastian S. you should think before typing If you can’t understand simple things that’s not my problem Gl next time

      Q A-Q A-Dag siden
    • Wow, the winning team had more hype moments. Who would have thought?

      Sebastian S.Sebastian S.Dag siden
  • 90% Heroic 10% Gambit

    Norman XD!Norman XD!2 dager siden
  • more like cad1an

    ??2 dager siden
  • 0:58 lol girl

    Dude GooliesDude Goolies2 dager siden
  • This is like if S1mple won that clutch vs ence

    TryZoidTryZoid2 dager siden
  • Bro please get the subtitles of danish as well

    Eliminator figgzsEliminator figgzs2 dager siden
  • Song 1:12 Jay Price - Obliterator

    BogdanBogdan2 dager siden