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  • The way the caster gets more intense: "cadian you can't win ^ PrO LeAguE LiKe tHiS YoU ^ CANT WIN PRO LEAGUE LIKE THIS!!!"

    Chuck McKenzieChuck McKenzie18 timer siden
  • astralis

    wrld uwuwrld uwu18 timer siden
  • I feel extremely sad for dupreeh 💔

    Bilal TunioBilal Tunio18 timer siden
  • The new best 'online' teams ffs

    Shuvo RahamanShuvo Rahaman19 timer siden
  • Machine get some sleep man

    MolroMolro19 timer siden
  • Wait until LAN.

    Rides & RhymesRides & Rhymes20 timer siden
  • Device also forgot that he was good cus of his team. It seem like he was carrying every single round but the hard work are also well done by other mates. He will feel the lack of G spot in his nip career. I always watched astralis cus of device etc but him leaving us without a full and well known reason was a heart shocking.

    Jazzy JJazzy J20 timer siden
  • Now I am waiting for the rise of astralis part 2...

    Jazzy JJazzy J20 timer siden
  • G2 in three

    Александар КрупниковићАлександар Крупниковић20 timer siden
  • deym.. 🤘

    Night ParadeNight ParadeDag siden
  • good map

    cherfzcherfzDag siden
  • They are so lucky just wait until they go on LAN and it’s done with their Era!

    sticc's TVsticc's TVDag siden
    • why do you think that

      xxtoxiixxtoxii23 timer siden
  • todo por un CULO

    Hector CastroHector CastroDag siden
  • Spunj is da best

    nwgnwgDag siden
  • Online csgo

    Lucas GuedesLucas GuedesDag siden
  • Top 5 teams in next 3-4 months( not in order) according to me Navi Nip Gambit G2 Astralis 👍

    Amey PatilAmey PatilDag siden
    • @Molro but I think heroic will fall quickly just like they did last time they became #1🙄

      Amey PatilAmey Patil18 timer siden
    • lmao heroic would clap any of their asses any day of the week

      MolroMolro19 timer siden
    • astralis is done, nip is not on the level

      xxtoxiixxtoxii23 timer siden
  • they both play from bootcamps btw so LAN

    shanaurshanaurDag siden
  • i cant wait to see them in major final

    shanaurshanaurDag siden
    • They won’t gonna make it

      Mc LovinMc Lovin19 timer siden
  • Drawbacks of Online: Ping Drawbacks of LAN: The audience going "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and screaming out calls for their favourite team Conclusion: Group stage of a LAN is the purest version of CS as it gets rid of both the audience and ping issues

    BotBotDag siden
  • Someone... pls SONGNAME!!!

    Nando LussmannNando LussmannDag siden
  • Machine looks like he has joined mafia

    Abhishek RawatAbhishek RawatDag siden
  • name of every song plsssss

    adviceadviceDag siden
  • Time for Bub to shine👼🏻

    Daniel Troelsen !Daniel Troelsen !Dag siden
  • Online play has been going on over a year now, and these teams are just starting to show up. Lan has some effect but I don't think it is to blame for these teams success. In smash bros going online changed tournament results immediately, and it's taken months to nearly a year for the top players to start winning online. But they have started winning online. Csgo is different, the good teams continued to win at forest and only now are Gambit and Heroic taking over. That's not only due to the lack of Lan.

    Vote SolaireVote SolaireDag siden
  • What are the names of the people in the vid? They are casters I believe, but I don't know their names

    Aryan MendirattaAryan MendirattaDag siden
    • 1. Frankie 2. Spunj 3. Machine

  • dope

    ADS CFTADS CFTDag siden
  • Heroic😎

    patel milindpatel milindDag siden
  • csgo is dead if these 2 teams are being called the best team

    J WooJ WooDag siden
    • cmon dudes. there is always a bigger fish. hard work makes everyone better

      xxtoxiixxtoxii23 timer siden
    • NOOOOO! HOW IS MY TEAM GETTING BEATEN BY RANDOM TEAMS???????? Can't be more narrow-minded than you're being right now I'd say

      SkyeSkyeDag siden
  • again cadian's clutch🙃?

    AvateaAvateaDag siden
  • If they can do it on LAN yes u know these eras last for like few months and they fall off and back to old dogs astrallis Navi g2

    Vivek SharmaVivek SharmaDag siden
  • I don't understand how is lan different from online? It's been a year for lan teams to get used to the atmosphere. There's absolutely no excuse anymore

    HemantHemantDag siden
    • @Hemant dude ping is a big fuxkin deal when u play online

      xxtoxiixxtoxii23 timer siden
    • @Hemant lol fallen plays on 140 ping 😂, and many players get issues bruh . Also lan is total different atmosphere 🙏

      Amey PatilAmey PatilDag siden
    • @Michael Russell yea i don't buy it. The latency is the same for everybody. Latency shouldn't be the excuse. At most people have 20 ping in eu,cis which is perfectly fine.

      HemantHemantDag siden
    • Lan = no latency so it feels like a completely different game, especially when they have invested thousands of hours into LAN>Online

      Michael RussellMichael RussellDag siden
  • "They are the best of all fucking time" remember the team pls ASTRALIS

    FanatikFanatikDag siden
    • And NIP?

      AKCAKCDag siden
  • Do you know why there best? I think because they have best map pool, they always ban nuke and dust2 respectively, and they are so good on other 6 maps

    Алибек АубакировАлибек АубакировDag siden
  • Best team "online" wait for LAN gods💁😃

    Game PlaysGame PlaysDag siden
    • @AKC don't need to analyse the matches I am seeing live matches from before u were born kid😂

      Game PlaysGame PlaysDag siden
    • Kid, go to analyze the matches of the top 50 teams...

      AKCAKCDag siden
  • Best teams online. Remember LAN lmao

    3waystopcock3waystopcockDag siden
    • You know gambit have been climbing the ranks for ages now this isn't a one off thing.

      AngusAngusDag siden
  • Dosia face at the end of the video

    Артём ТорАртём ТорDag siden
  • if it's LAN, i can admit it

    NinthhNinthhDag siden
  • let s see for how long they will keep this form.

    noxenoxeDag siden
  • Astralis. No matter what changes in team.

    Dev PatelDev PatelDag siden
    • Astralis is a relic of the past.

      AKCAKCDag siden
  • Love those teams. Fun to get some new blood competing for the top spot!

    MaximalusMaximalusDag siden
  • naffers

    steezysteezyDag siden
  • Gambit si the Best team in actuality

    Matias GarcilazoMatias GarcilazoDag siden
  • An end of an Era in its truest form. An end of the double D combo... It's sad but hope both astralis, device and NIP vil shine!

    Steffen Hviid TrierSteffen Hviid TrierDag siden
  • He betrayed his team man

    Naman VermaNaman VermaDag siden
  • Well done

    beats 4 dinnerbeats 4 dinnerDag siden
  • Gaules is Brazilian, not Portuguese

    Saulo SousaSaulo SousaDag siden
  • When your girl is Swedish...

    Dawny GamingDawny GamingDag siden
  • I doubt Dev1ce will fair well in NIP sadly, he is a comfort player and the current roster of NIP just don't seem to fit into that

    Mads_MiskatMads_MiskatDag siden
  • RIP legend, never forgoten

    MyMouseAintBrokenMyMouseAintBroken2 dager siden