DANISH LEGEND - The Best of One: dev1ce Frag Movie

Dev1ce, seldom has a name held so much weight in the CSGO scene.
In this Best Of One we look at the best moments, frags and highlights of the Danish legend!
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  • surely one of the best players rn, could play any roled asked of him, this song just made compilation be better, gj editor,made everything look perfect!!

    Filip ĆurčićFilip Ćurčić15 dager siden
  • Better than zywoo

    Eric MasseyEric Massey25 dager siden
  • Hm

    Cadiansakai RudeCadiansakai RudeMåned siden
  • Dev1ce The best Player❤

    Eternal MusicEternal MusicMåned siden

    zxazxaMåned siden
  • Who edited this? You could at least mention the guy.

    No OneNo OneMåned siden
  • The greatest player to ever touch the game

    Victor SilvaVictor SilvaMåned siden
  • Vitrus pro laughing.

    Shiwam KumarShiwam KumarMåned siden
  • 8 dislikes are from s1mple fanboys.

    Bill GatesBill GatesMåned siden
  • Tom Cruise does his own stunts

    ALWINALWINMåned siden
  • Supermodel turned csgo star

    YummyCoreYummyCoreMåned siden
  • Great job from whoever created the movie. Good choices of clips and really awesome audio sync. This movie reminded me the old top quality frag movies like The Underground or Hard Clan - Die Hard. Thumbs up and thank you.

    MyYTwatcherMyYTwatcherMåned siden
  • mega talant!

    Степан ВарламовСтепан ВарламовMåned siden
  • This might be the best ”best of one” so far!

    MoogprodigyMoogprodigyMåned siden
  • didn't know that esl has superstitum as a contentmaker

    LolPlaysLolPlaysMåned siden
  • Are these clips getting better and better each release or it's just dev1ce? Kappa

    Bartosz KamockiBartosz KamockiMåned siden
  • And the colateral from ct? On dust 2

    Carlos PerezCarlos PerezMåned siden
  • hire @virrecsgo for frag movies @ESLCS

  • Whosoever ESL has hired to create these video, has an awesome sense of rhythm and video editing. Job well done!

    Rahul MukherjeeRahul MukherjeeMåned siden
  • ngl the montage was pretty dope

    pumpkin spice lattepumpkin spice latteMåned siden
  • only legends get the animated redbull gaming ad in which a girl is gaming and drinking redbull ;P

    pumpkin spice lattepumpkin spice latteMåned siden
  • Is there something like a hall of fame or something in esports?? I think we really have to have one not just in cs but in all of esports.

    henry john sablanhenry john sablanMåned siden
  • goat

    ZeManeiro of the GraveZeManeiro of the GraveMåned siden
  • my mother in law can destroy him in an instant..

    Night ParadeNight ParadeMåned siden
  • God

    KuroTechKuroTechMåned siden
  • music pls!

    SeakyonESeakyonEMåned siden
    • Music plzzz!!!

      a1faa1faMåned siden
  • Tom Cruise

    Rafli BudimanRafli BudimanMåned siden
  • IMO in the Best Player on the world.

    AgencikAgencikMåned siden
  • Feels like this is only against g2, vitality and mouz :DD big oof in their face

    Marius FreyMarius FreyMåned siden
  • The french destroyer

    injusticeinjusticeMåned siden
  • So calm so composed and so consistent... He got the 3Cs

    venom gtvenom gtMåned siden
  • ngl you guys kind of ruined the collateral in the flames clip by cutting it that way. otherwise great vid

    Matthias ClockMatthias ClockMåned siden
  • Anyone got the name of the beat in the background?

    JingzzJingzzMåned siden
  • what about top gun 2?

    Rodrigo CastroRodrigo CastroMåned siden
  • He could win a major or two)

    Dimash SrazhadinDimash SrazhadinMåned siden
  • BO1 looks like BOT kek

    KunjuKunjuMåned siden
  • The Goat 🐐

    JonathanJonathanMåned siden
  • Device is so talented, I am amazed watching him play. Oh and also he is handsome and sexy :D

    KyrrichanKyrrichanMåned siden
  • I wish the editor of this video a very very very pleasant year

    Shravak ShakyaShravak ShakyaMåned siden
  • Why he's not in first place

    leo buhsleo buhsMåned siden
  • his gamesense is so good, he is always in tghe perfect position

    Falk.r.hFalk.r.hMåned siden
  • We all know there might be better aimers than him but none more consistent than him. He always shows up time and again

  • plz do a deagle one with magisk and dupreeh....

    Nobody KnowsNobody KnowsMåned siden
  • That "Dust2 Fire Shot" deserves an honorable graffiti in that corner for sure!

    Krishn AgarwalKrishn AgarwalMåned siden
    • @Cal name: the golden triangle

      Filip ĆurčićFilip Ćurčić15 dager siden
    • the 3 bullet, 3 hp and 3 headshot moment deserves an graffiti

      CalCalMåned siden
    • Fax

      Torsa TTTorsa TTMåned siden
  • he deagle , he awp but most important he kill !

    Trooper OGTrooper OGMåned siden
  • i was expecting the 3 bullet 3 kill usp clutch on train but okay 😭

    ByteCrescentByteCrescentMåned siden
    • 4kill

      vaclav poulvaclav poulMåned siden
  • bro the synching and the editing omg this is glorious you need a raise just for this

    _3o6_3o6Måned siden
  • 1:28 play with the audio sync at its finest ❤

    Hung NguyenHung NguyenMåned siden
  • Best Part of the Video : 0:00 - 2:04 ❤️❤️

  • this editor deserves a raise :O

    ThisBoyStylishThisBoyStylishMåned siden
  • device the best !!! King 👑 awp

    Stanislav OvsyukStanislav OvsyukMåned siden
  • This dude can play any role and is soo consistent that he might be AI.......... plus his mission impossible movies are amazing. How does he find time to do both?

    • Alpha male genes

      Eric MasseyEric Massey25 dager siden
    • @Tune BoyZ r/wooosh

      ʟᴀɴᴄᴇʟᴏᴛʟᴀɴᴄᴇʟᴏᴛMåned siden
    • That's tom cruise actor, device is not him 🙂

      Tune BoyZTune BoyZMåned siden
    • @BE_B_11 Tejas Patil every csgo fan calls him Tom Cruise of csgo, bro. Even commentators have said that Tom Cruise does his own stunts.

      SameerSameerMåned siden
    • Bruh I thought I d only one who think he looks like cruise 😂

      BE_B_11 Tejas PatilBE_B_11 Tejas PatilMåned siden
  • BO1? So you're saying dev1ce > s1mple?

    EthanmeisterEthanmeisterMåned siden
  • Believe me device too should be honored with a graffiti after that fire shot on dust2.

    Alexis sanchezAlexis sanchezMåned siden
    • @Cys gaming not a major

    • @Dovydas wdym, pretty impressive when i was watching, all olof did was defuse in fire to get a graffiti

    • @Fcb Meister Okay if I am wrong check it by yourself on google by typing " Do valve sponsor any Csgo majors ". You will get to see by yourself if I am correct or not.

      Cys gamingCys gamingMåned siden
    • @Dovydas if that wasn't impressive, why did Olof gets graffiti for defusing?

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyMåned siden
    • @Cys gaming this guy is high on weed

      C4PT4IN AC4PT4IN AMåned siden
  • Best player to touch the game

    MattMattMåned siden
  • most hype way to start a frag morning!

    rogerrogerMåned siden
  • The Audio Sync ❤... Amazing

    TherklerTherklerMåned siden
  • 1:20

    VildeValdeVildeValdeMåned siden
  • *Device is just the best player in the world.*

    Madr9xMadr9xMåned siden
    • @Fcb Meister lol

      Madr9xMadr9xMåned siden
    • Zywoo and s1mple joined the chat

      Fcb MeisterFcb MeisterMåned siden
  • What a beast ! My favourite actor and cs player at the same time .

    Yusuf UysalYusuf UysalMåned siden
    • True

      yasin inalyasin inalMåned siden
    • Tom "Device" Cruise

      Aly AshrafAly AshrafMåned siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      Alexis sanchezAlexis sanchezMåned siden
  • He's a god

    not menot meMåned siden
  • Can we get some love for the Audio sync? ♥️

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-StrikeMåned siden
    • love

      Filip ĆurčićFilip Ćurčić15 dager siden
    • Can we get the song name?

      Anderson CamposAnderson Campos21 dag siden
    • @TheSubieFan bruh he refused the bomb

      ELITE PROELITE PROMåned siden
    • ♥️

      1 tap1 tapMåned siden
    • Love iiiiiit

      Corbin SiennaCorbin SiennaMåned siden
  • First like was mine heheh

    Augusto VianaAugusto VianaMåned siden
  • the most consistent player ever

    Manish KumarManish KumarMåned siden
    • @iamMokoma I mean in terms of consistency. ZywOo is too young and didn't play for so long. But i has no doubt that in near future he'll be one of the greatest player of all time. If not the greatest.

      David SekhleyanDavid SekhleyanMåned siden
    • @Harvest a guy stop talking shit man, there r still many consistent goats

      FreezFreezMåned siden
    • @Harvest a guy zywoo? 🙂

      iamMokomaiamMokomaMåned siden
    • @hypeking. 水 well device has been top 3 for longer and yes s1mple is also very consistent the only one who we can compare with dev1ce

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyMåned siden
    • @Manish Kumar then s1mple is more consistent

      hypeking. 水hypeking. 水Måned siden
  • ok

    dude dudedude dudeMåned siden
  • im 2

    Satix :lSatix :lMåned siden
  • Hi

    fabu 'fabu 'Måned siden
  • 😎 actually first

    ratiiirratiiirMåned siden