dev1ce on AWP is better THAN BOTS?! - Training Days - Astralis vs. BOTheroic

Can Astralis beat the elite ESEA Refrag BOTheroic on Mirage?
Will dev1ce increbile AWPing save them this time again?
Want to try ESEA Refrag for yourself?
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  • Xyp9x is better lol

    RamenXzRamenXzMåned siden
  • is this a workshop map?

    DebangaDebangaMåned siden
    • Nope. You can only find these at ESEA

      Emil MortensenEmil Mortensen28 dager siden
  • repost xD

    L9rcheL9rcheMåned siden
  • Heroic.Cadian on the miniature 😅😅

    christian.christian.Måned siden
  • кибербуллинг хероик от есл

    cartierrcartierrMåned siden
  • Whats up with the Mr.Robot reference 👀. you mean heroic hacks?

    TiCkShotTiCkShotMåned siden
  • Nostalgia hit me hard man....

    The RejinatorThe RejinatorMåned siden

    Jet GamezJet GamezMåned siden
  • 1:57 crisp clean lock

    Jonathan Rae CrisantoJonathan Rae CrisantoMåned siden
    • boys

      Stefano PobleteStefano PobleteMåned siden
  • Repost

    Hitesh GaviniHitesh GaviniMåned siden
  • match between big and og today looked like a match fix ngl

    SaltSaltMåned siden
  • If this channel is not going to stream pro leauges. Why would i subscribed ? seriously viewing experience is better for so many people on you tube. WTF is wrong with this ESL

    Oli TagguOli TagguMåned siden
    • @Kelditas link me the stream if it really was

      Nikola PetrovicNikola PetrovicMåned siden
    • @Kelditas IEM isn't part of ESL? What rock have you been living under? Or are you just that dumb? Please go do a quick Google search and look a bit closer at the logo.

      vik1ngvik1ngMåned siden
    • @Kelditas subscribed on Blast premier and Dreamhack too. Can't u guys guess if i am pissed about it i am a fan of the game and tried everything. Twitch is just not as popular as NOcds in my country and gaming community.

      Oli TagguOli TagguMåned siden
    • @Oli Taggu cuz maybe, just maybe, that tournament "isnt part of ESL"? The IEM katowice was streamed on the blast premier thing

      KelditasKelditasMåned siden
    • @t1ddyt1tanZ whole of IEM Katowice was not streamed here.

      Oli TagguOli TagguMåned siden
  • Looked at the thumbnail, at a quick glance I thought CadiaN was gonna be the 8th csgo member of Astralis

    ManreeManreeMåned siden
    • @Manree yea they were 7 on the team at peak when they had Es3tag but they sold him and now they are 6,well 5 because they never use Bubz

      DanDanMåned siden
    • @Dan Idk they've had a lot through the years

      ManreeManreeMåned siden
    • 8th? Who's number 7?

      DanDanMåned siden
  • I'm positive I've already seen this video

    FGP 003FGP 003Måned siden
  • Botality XD

    Baybars SeyhanBaybars SeyhanMåned siden
  • Heroic bunch of bots, totally agree

    Raivo BūmanisRaivo BūmanisMåned siden
  • I'm not a bot. I swear

    Based TravelBased TravelMåned siden
  • more wanted 😭😂❤️

  • 🔥🔥🔥

    MatrasMatrasMåned siden
  • Походе в матче против Спиритов тоже боты гоняли вместо Астралов

    pallap82pallap82Måned siden
  • Bots are so weird, 50% of the time they hit the most insane 360 jump oneshot headshots and 50% of the time they don't even shoot.. O.o

    RaimaNdRaimaNdMåned siden
    • ​@Stefano Poblete ESEA Refrag is a suite of custom in-game mods including Restrat, Prefire and NADR that help you improve and analyze your game on a level never seen before. In this game mode, these bots are not like the official valve's bot. Its ESEA bot, they're programmed to play like a pro, by having aimlock, uses nade throw lineup, and the might by prefire you aswell. So they could give you the top tier gameplay feeling by re-creating the situation in the pro scene. CMIIW. (n srry for my broken grammar)

      ZafanderZafanderMåned siden
    • @Zafander whats that? Im not aware

      Stefano PobleteStefano PobleteMåned siden
    • Yeah, and that goes even for standard bots you see on DM. They are brain-dead for minutes on end and then suddenly start one-tap peeking people only to go back to being brain-dead after 20-30 seconds. Well, part of the fun.

      spitfiresiemionspitfiresiemionMåned siden
    • Its refrag

      ZafanderZafanderMåned siden

    Cícero LimaCícero LimaMåned siden
  • Astralis bots just like real

    I II IMåned siden
  • This video is hilarious!

    FinqzzFinqzzMåned siden
  • Wow epico estaria bien k isieran mas copetencias

    Luis AngelLuis AngelMåned siden
  • 0:57 Dupreeh has weird thoughts

    Meryem UMeryem UMåned siden
  • where i can download those bot to practice?

    Nicolas DefferrariNicolas DefferrariMåned siden
    • Esea Refrag, you have to buy the sub

      FireAxeFireAxeMåned siden
  • Bot Heroic XDDDDDDDD

    CottonCottonMåned siden
  • türkiyeden selamlar

    Kara KurşunKara KurşunMåned siden

    rizlawowrizlawowMåned siden