ESL Pro League Season 13 Group B Highlights - Part 1

Time for Group B of the ESL Pro League Season 13!
Here's all your best frags, highlights and funny moments from the first play days of Group B.
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  • who else thought 15:10 was pretty fucking accurate?

    PengaPenga14 dager siden
  • Why they not streaming on yt anymore??

    MMMM29 dager siden
  • Ropz was in pain that entire match

    NeosNeos29 dager siden
  • Man I love this game

    jbarsjbarsMåned siden
  • who won? faze?

  • have a nice day

    Do YouDo YouMåned siden
  • Buy my book 😂😂

    André MachadoAndré MachadoMåned siden
  • ENCE lets goooo

    SaucieeSaucieeMåned siden
  • GG

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyMåned siden
  • lol shoxie ending good :)

    MattisbubbaMattisbubbaMåned siden
  • Where's the clip of nexa didn't peek to 10 sec def......that was so funny...

  • frozen so good

    War LoxWar LoxMåned siden
  • Dude Machines murican accent was so good wtf

    Jevgenijs GolodjuksJevgenijs GolodjuksMåned siden
  • Good to see all the star players playing like they should... specially zywoo and cold

    Goog KingGoog KingMåned siden
  • 25:54 lol how xtqzzz died

    Le BonLe BonMåned siden
  • ropz is such an incredible aimer.

    Dude BroDude BroMåned siden
  • This is a more realistic highlight of CS matches, than highlights of hs only 😂👍 You see, just because you are pro, you still miss the target some times and not like on Valve official casuals where people are so hard to kill, even e.g. Robocop, Batman, Superman would be jealoux of the hit points and godlike bullet dodges, Game sense thous player have on the servers 😂 Valve official servers = 10 x Pro League 😆

    MaxeMaxeMåned siden
  • 2:10 actually pulls out a hEdsHot!

    raketitraketitMåned siden
  • It's been a while since I have seen coldzera on the correct side of the kill feed in a highlight video.

    Jens BoomgaardJens BoomgaardMåned siden
  • Ropz & frozen 🔥. They deserve better.

    Rishabh JRishabh JMåned siden
  • 1:44 is it a deja vu?

    Deden64Deden64Måned siden
  • Really wish you've put up the final scores of each game when the highlights are done so you can see who won.

    Jason AriseJason AriseMåned siden
  • Cs go really need a big update that will being back people who went to the valorant

    UlwoonUlwoonMåned siden
  • Twistzz pistol is terrifying

    Jae LeeJae LeeMåned siden
  • Ropz vs 9

    Maycon Douglas Santos BarrosMaycon Douglas Santos BarrosMåned siden
  • I like this videos! THUMBS UP

    MrMegaNaturalMrMegaNaturalMåned siden
  • Twistzz poppin off dude... How many rounds did he turn like that

    Fragoner yes?Fragoner yes?Måned siden
  • ESL go memes

    SteakieFragsSteakieFragsMåned siden
  • 3:40 Johnny Sins😂

    PapsterWapPapsterWapMåned siden
  • SIESGOU isiforens

    Patrick Gamonal PilcoPatrick Gamonal PilcoMåned siden
  • first

    ExotikExotikMåned siden
    • @Exotik go to most recent, unless ur kidding

      Elijah RaeElijah RaeMåned siden
    • @Elijah Rae nah dude I’m clearly the firts one

      ExotikExotikMåned siden
    • How is it that there's only 9 comments and you're still wrong

      Elijah RaeElijah RaeMåned siden
  • 3 eahhh

    Axel Pzo mitaAxel Pzo mitaMåned siden
  • nice

    BillBillMåned siden
  • First yay

    Rasmus Holmgaard NielsenRasmus Holmgaard NielsenMåned siden
    • actually first congratulations

      BillBillMåned siden