ESL Pro League Season 13 Group A Highlights - Part 1

What a few opening days it have been in the ESL Pro League Season 13!
Here's all your best frags, highlights and funny moments of the first 3 days!
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  • GG

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyMåned siden
  • please stop with the greenscreen memes lol, the highlights and great casting do it enough for me :)

    crimcrimMåned siden
    • no, the memes add a lot of character, if you just want highlights theres tons of channels that offer boring, plain replays

      SidSidMåned siden
  • I've been a fan of aleksib for a while now and I was so glad to see him on a new roster leading players like mantuu valde and issaa but its a shame seeing them not do well, but this is looking very promising. I'm excited to see what they can do in 2021

    HyperFXHyperFXMåned siden
  • 20 min went by way too fast.

    Bharat BahadurBharat BahadurMåned siden
  • CSGO top player region is now Denmark

    Chaitanya MhadeshwarChaitanya MhadeshwarMåned siden
  • another one... another one and another one. So epic

    Nam LeNam LeMåned siden
  • 4:47 they ruined the Ace clip by changing to that “mounted camera” angle... Not a fan :/

    Cru3lCru3lMåned siden
    • it’s an eco ace.. and the man did a 360 lol i liked it

      RyanRyanMåned siden
  • I really love the shoulder cams specially on replays. kudos to the production team

    Yoshrich GarbosaYoshrich GarbosaMåned siden
  • Is ESL only stream on twitch for this year?

    Asyraf JamrusAsyraf JamrusMåned siden
    • yeah and you will get copystrike if you stream it on yt

      Aulia Kurnia RakhmanAulia Kurnia RakhmanMåned siden
  • Zehn pog @18:38

    mota bhaimota bhaiMåned siden
  • Valve f'ed that round GG

    Aditya TripathiAditya TripathiMåned siden
    • Yes yes that round ikr

      TheIncineratorTheIncineratorMåned siden
  • Nice editing. I see that esl is a cultured set of people. Nice memes.

    henry john sablanhenry john sablanMåned siden
  • ))

    QaZaQ LegendaryQaZaQ LegendaryMåned siden
  • Lmao that bell at the end

    VenianVenianMåned siden
  • Why dont they livestream on Yt anymore?

    Syed MustafaSyed MustafaMåned siden
    • Esl made a twitch exclusivity deal

      King LuckyKing LuckyMåned siden
  • 4:14 "he's building his pistol" that got me :D

    raketitraketitMåned siden
  • 👍

    PowerhandPowerhandMåned siden
  • Lol

    2garin2garinMåned siden
  • Too early there is no comments

    rain artzrain artzMåned siden
  • Oh shiit

    JcobJcobMåned siden
  • nice

    Ian BryanIan BryanMåned siden
  • Ohhhhh

    EmaloEmaloMåned siden