ESL Pro League Season 13 PLAYOFFS Day 1 HIGHLIGHTS

On to the playoffs here at the ESL Pro League Season 13!
Today we have Furia vs. Fun Plus Phoenx and G2 vs. Liquid for you.
Here's all the best plays, highlights and fun moments.
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  • What do you mean, we thought everyone was supposed to post 2012 memes again!

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-Strike13 dager siden
  • please let someone younger than 40 edit these videos

    mielc _mielc _13 dager siden
  • Adding effects to the commentators' saying alters the topic of the video. Its like you want us to focus on what they're saying but its a highlights video. We here for the plays :3

    I - EradicateI - Eradicate13 dager siden
  • Idk what tf the editor thinks they’re doing, but jesus christ just chop it up and post the gameplay

    XenuXVIIXenuXVII13 dager siden
  • cringe

    Никитушка НикитаНикитушка Никита13 dager siden
  • G2 wasting niko's rifling skills by putting him on awp

    Abhishek RawatAbhishek Rawat13 dager siden
  • What’s the name of the first caster to talk in the video? I just can’t stand that guy.

    Jack ManuelJack Manuel13 dager siden
  • GG

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmy13 dager siden
  • To the editor of this videos, check league streamers editions, it will fit

    Kimi RaikkonenKimi Raikkonen13 dager siden
  • please stop with that norman meme gifs ty

    tomantoman13 dager siden
  • These old, unfunny memes makes this look extremely unprofessional

    ToreTore13 dager siden
  • Hey man, I personally liked all the memess

    Jeet ShahJeet Shah13 dager siden
  • Damn it feels bad to be a naffer.

    Juraj Frederik LaukoJuraj Frederik Lauko13 dager siden
  • Just clip the video. That's kinda sucks production.

    Amatsuka MiraiAmatsuka Mirai13 dager siden
  • Cringe edit . Stupid outdated meme .

    Amatsuka MiraiAmatsuka Mirai13 dager siden
  • Yea, tone down the terrible "memes", this isn't TWATch, we don't need emotes and reactions, we can just enjoy good CS. If something is funny, let it be funny, no need to push more jokes. If you push a fart too hard, you just shit your pants.

    deskpro256deskpro25613 dager siden
  • Whose dad edited this?

    PigieroPigiero14 dager siden
  • Team Liquid deserved that fat L.

    Calvin NguyenCalvin Nguyen14 dager siden
  • Fs in chat for Liquid

    RichRich14 dager siden
  • Muy buenos memes...

    chuknorris03chuknorris0314 dager siden
    • ...que nooooo.

      chuknorris03chuknorris0314 dager siden
  • when the teacher adds memes to every slide of the powerpoint to impress his students

    Jonathan TschanterJonathan Tschanter14 dager siden
    • Agreed, it's very cringe. Put up the content and let the kids make memes from it, don't force memes into your own material.

      Wretched EggWretched Egg11 dager siden
    • Wait, students don't enjoy that? *nervously looking at the Powerpoint I just created*

      Andreas KjellAndreas Kjell12 dager siden
    • they should stick just to the esport memes like the elige flashbang n stuff.. this was too annoying

      184 766 Suraj N M184 766 Suraj N M13 dager siden
    • exactly

      The9NjaThe9Nja13 dager siden
    • fr was so annoying hahahah

      Sannii c:Sannii c:13 dager siden
  • Really not a fan of the meme edit

    rompadomprompadomp14 dager siden
  • ESL, stop with the cringe edits

    mota bhaimota bhai14 dager siden
  • The meme effects aren't needed. Keep it s1mple please.

    Gézel ZinedineGézel Zinedine14 dager siden
    • ;)

      Hugo WickHugo Wick13 dager siden
  • WTF.. stupid edit

    xRKxRK14 dager siden
  • Edits are 5-6 years out of date, I think the subtitles are good at points but everything thing else was just tacky and bad

    mikasafan69mikasafan6914 dager siden

    Strapping Young ChadStrapping Young Chad14 dager siden
  • Remove the bad memes pls

    mr anonymmr anonym14 dager siden
  • the editing choice was odd

    Elric PottElric Pott14 dager siden
  • Sorry but the editing was horrible and unwanted. Just play the clips

    Ali JoharAli Johar14 dager siden
    • they should just hire superstitum if they want dope videos

      represintctcrepresintctc14 dager siden
    • Made me close the video

      Xandy К. BeatsXandy К. Beats14 dager siden
  • Nerd.

    EkinsEkins14 dager siden
  • O LOCOOO. Muito top !

    Live com os AmigosLive com os Amigos14 dager siden
  • Só faltou a vitória da Liquid

    †Jota CꆆJota Cê†14 dager siden
  • Sangal alır hepsini

    OmycatOmycat14 dager siden