ESL Pro League Season 13 PLAYOFFS Day 2 HIGHLIGHTS

It's Virtus.Pro vs. ENCE and Complexity vs. Na'Vi in the ESL Pro League Playoffs Day 2! You won't believe what happens next.

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  • Steam banned my account because i said fuck Gaben in steam discussions page.. Lost over 2000 euros of investments, and after contacting steam support, they just said "sorry cant help you" Better think twice before using Steam...

    aleksi faswfaleksi faswf3 dager siden
  • Yo whoever is in charge of these vids, stop the memes. Please.

    WernerWerner12 dager siden
  • You ruined the clips with the memes. It’s cringe.

    Lloyd van den BorLloyd van den Bor12 dager siden
  • where is pasha when u need him

    Йордан СтояновЙордан Стоянов12 dager siden
  • What shit edit is this

    Jeswin John vargheseJeswin John varghese12 dager siden
  • the editor is a r/memes mod or smt? these memes are so cringe lol

    Kimi RaikkonenKimi Raikkonen12 dager siden
  • ence choking was the best thing happened in cs right now (sorry ence fans) and why flamie still playing in this team bro like wtf also those memes just stop please...

    Ankush ChaudharyAnkush Chaudhary12 dager siden
  • For god sake please don't include the memes its pathetic and not funny anymore just keep the highlights minimal please 🙏❤️

    Rahul PhangchoRahul Phangcho12 dager siden
  • Bot Vincere ? LUL ?

    BotmiesterBotmiester12 dager siden
  • Almost dosia :(

    A BA B13 dager siden
  • Good hightlight video but unnecessarily used reaction emphasis (OHH NOOOOOOO) and memes were kind of distraction.

    cuauhtlecuauhtle13 dager siden
    • ok boomer

      blankblank12 dager siden
  • Ez4chokeenze

    知MartiN知MartiN13 dager siden
  • Bot4ence

    Best HackBest Hack13 dager siden
  • how did ence choke that bad

    Theo PrivateTheo Private13 dager siden
    • vp best

      gftbye Waynegftbye Wayne13 dager siden
    • idk

      Matej JendekMatej Jendek13 dager siden
  • We said that no need for the memes, they are so cringe

    Gézel ZinedineGézel Zinedine13 dager siden
    • @Gézel Zinedine are you okay m8?

      Zenklas YTZenklas YT12 dager siden
    • @Gézel Zinedine Nobody is crying, you just don't represent the community like you're implying.

      Fat GaggerFat Gagger13 dager siden
    • @Fat Gagger did i ask you? You don't belong to "we", the "We" Liked my comment go find some corner to cry

      Gézel ZinedineGézel Zinedine13 dager siden
    • Don't say we like you represent anyones opinion, it changes nothing that they put memes.

      Fat GaggerFat Gagger13 dager siden
    • @SalahSaadSalah doesnt fit on ESL official highlights imo

      Anders S.Anders S.13 dager siden
  • Yeeeey

    DžTuDžTu13 dager siden