ESL Pro League Season 13 Trailer (Official)

The new season of the ESL Pro League starts TOMORROW!

Everything you need to know about the EPL Season 13:
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  • NOcds says this is a r6 content

    Pirinççi ÖmerPirinççi Ömer5 dager siden
  • Going to be next team

  • Wait a sec...choking player had team liquid logo...Indirectly were they trollimg them? 😂😂 Coz liquid lost finals couple of times. Recently

    Shield UniversityShield University17 dager siden
  • I think he was drunk when he made this video :d

    Ahmet FurkanAhmet FurkanMåned siden
  • Thats what CSGO really Want

  • Wtf still intel and 9th gen. what the problem with Lisa Su?

    Atul KumarAtul KumarMåned siden
  • That insult on liquid...

    ErvinLim TVErvinLim TVMåned siden
  • It's a shame they didn't show furia running the whole time

    RyonisticRyonisticMåned siden
  • Man csgo has so much potential i wish they had a devloper who cares about their community and game ❤️

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor PhilipsMåned siden
  • Why VP drink?

    MaximMaximMåned siden
  • best trailer ever

    Stefan AzStefan AzMåned siden
  • 1:27 *me hear that sound* Brain : ACCEPT ! ACCEPT ! ACCEPT !

    GokuSsjGokuSsjMåned siden

    Hello WorldHello WorldMåned siden
  • Ahh " RUSH B " still on the table I see a man of culture 🔥🔥

    Adios17 GamingAdios17 GamingMåned siden
  • team patches? guys?

    Deepin ShelkeDeepin ShelkeMåned siden
  • should have had Vitality in the background stream sniping LOL

    j4ckj4ckMåned siden
  • Holy crap the details LOL

    Ethan ReinkeEthan ReinkeMåned siden
  • What's the choke from Liquid?

    Данила ЗахаровДанила ЗахаровMåned siden
  • so hypeee and lovely video 🖤

    rapsan0rapsan0Måned siden
  • 00:55 опорник B понимает что ему пиздец...

    Константин ЛебедевКонстантин ЛебедевMåned siden
  • 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟💪💪💪💪😈😈😈😈😈💯💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Ketan PatelKetan PatelMåned siden
  • Cringe

    Jam ProductionJam ProductionMåned siden
  • Lmao. This is too good. You could tell they had fun animating this.

    PrincePrinceMåned siden
  • VP without interruption is charged with kumys

    [IQOS] _MOU_[IQOS] _MOU_Måned siden

    JonJonMåned siden
  • Exactly what gamers want to see

    Duy HoàngDuy HoàngMåned siden
  • Какого хера нави всрали в чекалках?

    HASHERHASHERMåned siden
  • G2 needs KennyS for forgetting to defuse. Ni jokes please I am a KennyS fan, G2 please bring KennyS back.🙏🙏😭

    Saujatya PalSaujatya PalMåned siden
    • @Apple Череп as much as I know it was a strict no by KennyS

      Saujatya PalSaujatya PalMåned siden
    • He want to switch valorant

      Apple ЧерепApple ЧерепMåned siden
  • Don't forget to defuse, LMAO. That joke was on point! Fortunately for G2 in this group there is no Astralis this time.

    Dulat ZholdasDulat ZholdasMåned siden
  • Omg😂😂😂😂

    Darshit DesaiDarshit DesaiMåned siden
  • GLHF, GGWP guys

    δlieřδlieřMåned siden
  • O((((. Trailer Katowice vs Pro league? 😑😑😑😑😑😑

    Sung JiSung JiMåned siden
  • Where can I find the schedule. I cannot find it on the official site, there's some error probably.

    NoMERCYNoMERCYMåned siden
  • Game: CS:GO Language: The Sims Hotel: Trivago

    Red NeckRed NeckMåned siden
  • that s1mple no2 part xd

    Bakhtiar RasheedBakhtiar RasheedMåned siden
  • LOL G2 defuse. That never get old

    Ong C.H.Ong C.H.Måned siden
  • g2: dont forget to defuse...

    Agniswar RoyAgniswar RoyMåned siden
  • No one invited Ava?

    Vincent MillerVincent MillerMåned siden
  • Does this mean Valve will add Team Patches in CSGO?

    James Angelo ッJames Angelo ッMåned siden

    YashaYashaMåned siden
  • This is epic.well done ESL.

    Babloo SharmaBabloo SharmaMåned siden
  • navi vs vitality xd zywoo beat simple

    CSMasterRCSMasterRMåned siden
  • xd Soo good reaaly good trailer

    CSMasterRCSMasterRMåned siden
  • Вп:🗿

    Kamil SaurovKamil SaurovMåned siden
  • It's a dope trailer! 🔥

    Fitto SipasultaFitto SipasultaMåned siden
  • имиба

    AIRman_AAAIRman_AAMåned siden
  • Navi#1

    NaniNaniMåned siden
  • Does G2 "forgot" to defuse...? Noone knows truth...

    さらださらだMåned siden
  • lmao that liquid choke made me laugh so hard

    arcchiebaldarcchiebaldMåned siden
  • Soo good

    Nadipalli SrirajNadipalli SrirajMåned siden
  • 0:42 nice mens. Oddworld Abe's Odysee vibes in here :) I like it! 0:42o!

    Bartosz KamockiBartosz KamockiMåned siden
  • Im choking too when the soldier chooking

    Aiman ZafranAiman ZafranMåned siden
  • If liquid didn't choke, they found water from cloud9

    Harvest a guyHarvest a guyMåned siden
  • Can't wait to see commercial breaks in the middle of a round

    bulltagbulltagMåned siden
  • go Astralis

    Umid UmidUmid UmidMåned siden
  • Lest go Navi!

    Zylad : DZylad : DMåned siden
  • Let the finest gunplay by esports finest players begin!

    Murazrai(ムラズライ)Murazrai(ムラズライ)Måned siden
  • Now team patches will be coming 🔥🔥

    Sumit ThakurSumit ThakurMåned siden
  • Is it a lan tournament ?

    Rahul Shaw 0014Rahul Shaw 0014Måned siden
  • G2 why you dumb replace kennys and also buy zywooo please bish

    SUSHANT sapkotaSUSHANT sapkotaMåned siden
  • Poor fpx

    PogYouPogYouMåned siden
  • 1:27 PTSD 😑

    15 Amal R S15 Amal R SMåned siden
  • Better have some good fucking music

    iPenguin42iPenguin42Måned siden
  • Navi?

    Sundar KumarSundar KumarMåned siden
  • This is epic, dont delete this please......

    I Wayan Ardika ChandraI Wayan Ardika ChandraMåned siden
  • i love how they represent liquid as choking🤣

  • Meh. Compared to Blast production, ESL, IEM, cs summit and other event seems lost their status as the "big tour with a big production value in the world". Nevertheless, the covid and "online situation" isn't an excuse considering Blast could organized their tour been better on both LAN and online league situation

    OneAct OneDaOneAct OneDaMåned siden
  • Hope they will steam live in one 😃

    Freak MindFreak MindMåned siden
  • 1:30 wo s ebalom?

    Іван ЗайцевІван ЗайцевMåned siden

    ItsNimXDItsNimXDMåned siden
  • Team Liquid choking on the popcorn 😹 Bro I can't

    DollyDeKuvaDollyDeKuvaMåned siden
  • Очень круто!!!!!

    Виктор КонаревВиктор КонаревMåned siden
  • Ngl, tf2 animators could make this better

    PhotonPhotonMåned siden
  • Is cs dying? 🤨🤨🤨

    Ali KashifAli KashifMåned siden
  • 🇧🇷🇺🇸

    AlxAlxMåned siden
  • After all We have major, AStralis said :)))))

    tien trinhtien trinhMåned siden
  • 0:20 kennyf

  • Pog

    fuadfuadMåned siden
  • Big hype

    Anime Jan血液Anime Jan血液Måned siden
  • I’m just gonna sit here and pretend like they didn’t just have Liquid choking

    OmgitsandrewwwOmgitsandrewwwMåned siden
  • FPX all alone LOL

    Vikrant basnetVikrant basnetMåned siden
  • Everything was beautiful. Well done guys! So excited to get back into top tier Csgo. Waiting to see the new upsets take the throne again, like Gambit recently. Beautiful. We're ready. Let's go prooo leagueeeee!

    Vengeance By VenomVengeance By VenomMåned siden
  • Can someone explain to me what is the liquid choking joke?

    MonkeMonkeMåned siden
    • They always fail to win big games despite being a good team

      aryanaryanMåned siden
  • Hahahh Seriously this is funny

    M4 6andrinGM4 6andrinGMåned siden
  • damn didnt have to do liquid like that

    ToasterToastsToastToasterToastsToastMåned siden
  • Thissss isss epiccc 💥💥

    daniel allushidaniel allushiMåned siden
  • lol kennyS just sitting on the couch in the beginning

    LeakyBirdLeakyBirdMåned siden
  • that team patch seems really nice tbh, tell to steam to make it

    sn0rl4x CSsn0rl4x CSMåned siden
  • If they were trying to hype up the EPL season, what an absolute failure. Not one highlight from last season. How am I going to get exciting from watching in game characters do random shit for 2 minutes? What garbage.

    Tyler ThomasTyler ThomasMåned siden
    • You are a clown

      Chad BurchillChad BurchillMåned siden
  • so many easter eggs, cool :D

    Dzmitry KerkoDzmitry KerkoMåned siden
  • Fucking awesome !!

    strange manstrange manMåned siden
  • Liquid choking, I see you

    Mackan150Mackan150Måned siden
  • Pick em coin coming????

    Braian KaabelBraian KaabelMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂OMG!!!

    Руслан АджикеримовРуслан АджикеримовMåned siden
  • How are they not socially distanced?! Ts hanging with CTs like its '19

    MrEihtMrEihtMåned siden
  • ameisin

    TonyGAMEPLAY'STonyGAMEPLAY'SMåned siden
  • Boss carlos godd

    not me or notnot me or notMåned siden
  • VP ez win with beer in hand😂😂🔥🔥

    Аян НАян НMåned siden
  • 1:12 we'll see!)

    shroud fragershroud fragerMåned siden
  • love EPL one of the coolest events up there with blast, Katowitce, and the majors

    Vitarama 177Vitarama 177Måned siden