FalleN: The Savior of NA CS?

Can FalleN lead Team Liquid back to the glory of former days?
Will NAF, Stewie2K, EliGE and Grim find trust in their new ingame leader?
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  • Therapist: "Fallen Redentor doesn't exist, he can't hurt you" Fallen Redentor:

    matheusgc02matheusgc02Måned siden
  • And im freeeeeeee, free FalleN.

    IdkIdkMåned siden
  • Nope, VP stop them

    Amir HamzahAmir HamzahMåned siden
  • No.

    Jyoti SharmaJyoti SharmaMåned siden
    • 😭

      komegakomegaMåned siden
  • Savior? VP 2-0 Liquid Semifinal

    Just some guy who broke his mustacheJust some guy who broke his mustacheMåned siden
    • 2-0 vs FaZe Clan, 2-1 vs Vitality and 2-1 vs Na'Vi FalleN and Naf played very well today against VP too, VP was just way too strong today.

      A Gnome Named Grimble GrombleA Gnome Named Grimble GrombleMåned siden
  • fun fact the two monuments in the thumbnail were gifts from France 😃

    random namerandom nameMåned siden
  • *RIP team liquid*

  • Who here after vp 2-0 liquid

    King ReubenKing ReubenMåned siden
    • Made me sad :(

      KenswordKenswordMåned siden
  • No

    Tomas JakstysTomas JakstysMåned siden
  • Cristo redentor abraçando a estátua da liberdade kkkk

    MrNetoMrNetoMåned siden
  • ESL kinda jinxed Team spirit and FalleN hahaha. I wouldn't wanna be featured on a video tomorrow if I'm VP or Gambit.

    Fernando SotoFernando SotoMåned siden
    • jinxing isnt a thing

      LensterLensterMåned siden
  • but he ain't no from NA

    bonzay jbonzay jMåned siden
  • Yes

    PabeviPabeviMåned siden
  • "The savior of NA CS" lmao, man isn't even from NA... How sad. Just confirms how bad America really is at counter strike lmao.

    FrederikVaterFrederikVaterMåned siden
    • the majority of liquids players are from na lol, fallen allowing the na players to play better would make him the savior

      yeah okyeah okMåned siden
    • @FrederikVater he is not the star player, he is supposed to make all this individuals work as team, and there not roles that are more important than others, without a entry like elige they would never plant, without grim taking the shitty positions the others players would not have their momentum, without a igl the team would be just a pug team without discipline and strats. Thats how a team work, every player does one thing to have a machine at the end. Do you really think that if s1mple in taco's position he would be do that things ???dropping guns, being the first to make the contact and dying, baiting for his teammates.

      Paulo SilvaPaulo SilvaMåned siden
    • Three words grand slam champion 🏆

      TheSubieFanTheSubieFanMåned siden
    • @Paulo Silva Fallen is the Awper, probably the second most important role over the IGL, whom are none of those you mentioned.

      FrederikVaterFrederikVaterMåned siden
    • Naf?elige? Fallen is there just to help and make them play better

      Paulo SilvaPaulo SilvaMåned siden
  • Zero dislikes

    har1har1Måned siden

    Juanro AguilóJuanro AguilóMåned siden
  • Sexy thumbnail

    A. SINGH 007A. SINGH 007Måned siden
  • Signing fallen was the best decision Liquid made in the last few years, not only they now compete european teams for championships but they alse doubled their fan base and viewers for each game with a ton of new brazilian fans, making then a lot more money from sponsors.

    gabrieldarkrgabrieldarkrMåned siden
  • brazilians saving the NA scene as always

    RafaelrlcRafaelrlcMåned siden
  • i want a gambit vs liquid final!

    AqiLAqiLMåned siden
    • @Um Nerd Qualquer i can understand

      AqiLAqiLMåned siden
    • Xd

      nitiraj malviyanitiraj malviyaMåned siden
    • fak

      Um Nerd QualquerUm Nerd QualquerMåned siden
    • Well... I wanted it too

      Bartosz FuraBartosz FuraMåned siden
  • If NAF can find consistency? I'd argue he's one of the most consistent players in the world.

    viv1dviv1dMåned siden
    • NAF pops off when the teammates around him are playing structured cs, he is Mr. consistent tho no doubt, he has held his own all these years

  • what savior, he will be the fallen we knew with brazillian like coldzera and boltz

    DanielSim ™DanielSim ™Måned siden
  • That thumbnail is so creative 😂

    DVN_DRADVN_DRAMåned siden
  • FalleN legend

  • Machine monologue. Goosebumps!

    MythMythMåned siden
  • Nellaf: the savior Elige: the chosen one, NA last hope

    Khiêm NguyễnKhiêm NguyễnMåned siden
  • I love how liquid is such a lovable team. Like even fans of other teams can't help but be happy to see liquid succeed.

    Benjamin McClellandBenjamin McClellandMåned siden
    • @Pullerschubser Willi I honestly don't know what you are in about. Most people agree that liquid has the talent to be the best, and are really sad when they see them do bad. Even astralis cheered them on and said they were happy to see them do well.

      Benjamin McClellandBenjamin McClellandMåned siden
    • Except for that cocky stewie10am kid. And I don‘t know how you can say that every fan likes to see them succeed since they are one of the most hated teams on hltv.

      Pullerschubser WilliPullerschubser WilliMåned siden
    • @Mejri Aweb why? Everyone on liquid is chill as shit except stew, and hes funny as shit and a good dude

      WizkyWizkyMåned siden
    • I feel like I'm the only one who hates liquid so freaking much (cs liquid)

      Mejri AwebMejri AwebMåned siden
    • I'm an Astralis fan, but since they lost to VP I'm rooting for Liquid

      Jonathan Rae CrisantoJonathan Rae CrisantoMåned siden
  • Lmao. The savior of NA and isn't even from NA.

    Tommy VeeeTommy VeeeMåned siden
    • "The savior of na"

      PawelPawelMåned siden
    • so?

  • Oooh fallen stop

    Fusca azulFusca azulMåned siden
  • "There is no reason why team Liquid can't win this tournament" CIS is the reason

    Pavel ZorinPavel ZorinMåned siden
    • @Caio T. russia and places near

      CharlesCharles28 dager siden
    • What is CIS?

      Caio T.Caio T.28 dager siden
    • @Jake Jiyel vp are ranked higher than liquid

      CharlesCharlesMåned siden
    • And they got out in semi-finals against VP lmao

      Jake JiyelJake JiyelMåned siden
    • @Charles exactly, CIS is the reason

  • loving machines speeches

    Gavin TulkGavin TulkMåned siden

    • @Um Nerd Qualquer he came hard

      komegakomegaMåned siden
    • fuck he came

      Um Nerd QualquerUm Nerd QualquerMåned siden
  • "OH FOLLEN STOP BLOWING MAH MIND" Professor is the best, the god father of Brasil, don't matter what do you think about him, he's a ducking legend.

    Hórus FPS_Hórus FPS_Måned siden
  • It's crazy how many people criticized liquid for signing fallen and wrote them off without even giving the team a chance. This team looks so damn promising.

    Vivek KumarVivek KumarMåned siden

    quitquitMåned siden
  • In god's we trust

    Mr. ShowierMr. ShowierMåned siden
  • stop blowing my mind

    Paulo HudsonPaulo HudsonMåned siden
  • poggy woggy UwU

    Wouter VogelzangWouter VogelzangMåned siden
  • .

    ernesto vanboshernesto vanboshMåned siden
  • Pog

    MeepicusMeepicusMåned siden
  • yeah

    god1mezgod1mezMåned siden