Finally learn how to take A-Site on Nuke! - Pro Tips

Hey future Pros 👋
Taking A-Site on de_nuke can be brutal! But Rushly is here to finally teach you how.
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  • Rush A while you plant B. Then you defend A and no one knows what's happening.

    sha densha den18 dager siden
  • the way he says "hey future pros" in the intro is just cute to me idk why

    bitronicbitronic23 dager siden
  • ahahah i like seeing the decoy getting some use

    Shab ElijsgShab ElijsgMåned siden
  • yay ima try this in solo q

    maxmaxMåned siden
  • The hardest part of this site-take is having 4 friends to play with :')

    Ed- wardEd- wardMåned siden
    • Yep

      UlyssesKingfireUlyssesKingfireMåned siden
  • GG

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyMåned siden
  • this is awesome...says me with no friends and soloQs everyday...

    Ty DeakinTy DeakinMåned siden
  • Muy buen video, hecho con la mayor calidad y didáctica posible. ¡Muy buen trabajo!

    MosheMosheMåned siden
  • Imagine having a team to do this with :(

    UlyssesKingfireUlyssesKingfireMåned siden
    • I should find a team too or just some guys to play with. I just started to play CSGO. I did play 1.6 for 10 years and I had over 10 years long break. Feels nice to play again tho.

      sha densha den18 dager siden
    • ☹️ exactly Nobody in my team wants to learn cool stuff

      TheIncineratorTheIncineratorMåned siden
  • Surprised you guys didn't get FranzJ onto the show

    Abubakr JamalAbubakr JamalMåned siden
  • Oh, so simple! Now all I need is to find a team which will do it with me ))

    Eugene MarushkoEugene MarushkoMåned siden
    • Same :(

      UlyssesKingfireUlyssesKingfireMåned siden
  • AK47 Redline Giveaway coming soon on my channel. Don't miss out! :D

    THE ZAHRTHE ZAHRMåned siden
  • thanks

  • Incredible production. Will be referencing and sharing this for the foreseeable future

    Cody ElyCody ElyMåned siden
  • me:"lets execute A like this." every teammate: rush b no stop

    z0rdenz0rdenMåned siden
    • Amazing 😍

      DiamondDiamondMåned siden
    • Don't ask your brain dead team in pugs to do this lmao

      UlyssesKingfireUlyssesKingfireMåned siden
  • Apperantly everyone that watches this video will become a pro

    SandaaSandaaMåned siden
  • these are insane

    Jake KaudererJake KaudererMåned siden
  • Please make more videos, these videos are very detailed and easy to understand.

    MarkersYT GamingMarkersYT GamingMåned siden
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    madeline levymadeline levyMåned siden
  • What a cool video

    Alejandro BellesiAlejandro BellesiMåned siden
  • We NEED more such tips!!!

    Абай ТуржановАбай ТуржановMåned siden
  • Karrigan 200iq tactics

    Karlo MrmicKarlo MrmicMåned siden
  • Sj

    Ömer Furkan AsnukÖmer Furkan AsnukMåned siden
  • I wasn’t expecting this to be so well made. Honestly one of the best tips videos I’ve ever seen.

    epicrotflepicrotflMåned siden
    • Look for Nadeking videos, He does this al the time.

      nikoscsnikoscsMåned siden
  • 😊♥️

    Harley GodxDHarley GodxDMåned siden
  • 1

    Расул МеирмановРасул МеирмановMåned siden
    • 5, Better late than never ;)

      Red Fox StudiosRed Fox StudiosMåned siden
    • 6 ;)

      jacky chongjacky chongMåned siden
    • 4

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      sannidhya balkotesannidhya balkoteMåned siden
    • 2

      iPenguin42iPenguin42Måned siden