Gambit is INSANE - IEM Katowice 2021 Semifinals Highlights

It was Gambit vs. Team Spirit and Team Liquid vs. Virtus.Pro in these IEM Katowice 2021 Semifinals! Not the teams you would expect and not the results you would expect either.
Here's all the best frags, highlights and funny moments from the Semifinals.
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  • Gambit has 1 major !CLAP

    Cherif GeekZUpCherif GeekZUpMåned siden
  • Cheater vs Cheater in the Final, gj lol

    Nico79xNico79xMåned siden
  • Who edited this, should be given a raise.

    Foxy 47Foxy 47Måned siden
  • 0:20 I would tilt after I died to the grenade kill

    TritonTritonMåned siden
  • Flashbaks in 2017....... (Gambit win major in 2017)

    [ALPHE] DasTakeR[ALPHE] DasTakeRMåned siden
  • YEKINDAR gaming chair settings?

    Soi ThangsingSoi ThangsingMåned siden
    • He is playing on 16:9 btw

      IrkhanIrkhanMåned siden
    • That's what I want to know

      GD UnknownGD UnknownMåned siden
  • Russian xiters

    Mc LovinMc LovinMåned siden
  • honestly stewie needs to go. He is so inconsistent

    AqiLAqiLMåned siden
  • How was the jame entry on mirage a ramp not shown. Where he drops and ruins 2 CTs

    Joseph FaulknerJoseph FaulknerMåned siden
    • Exactly what I thought

      verteegomusicverteegomusicMåned siden
  • I cannot believe liquid lost. I really thought they were gonna take no 1 this time.

    Benjamin McClellandBenjamin McClellandMåned siden
  • *VP and Gambit must be top1 and top2 on hltv org*

  • Stewie4k in dust

    Dmitry YmychanovDmitry YmychanovMåned siden
  • Yekindar absolutely cracked

    saphire121saphire121Måned siden
  • Fallen's insane ACE 4:00

    Kaique CruzKaique CruzMåned siden
    • Exit Frags xd

      mister techmister techMåned siden
    • too bad it meant nothing

      xxtoxiixxtoxiiMåned siden
  • 2:30 oh no

    EthanmeisterEthanmeisterMåned siden
  • So, no recordings on YT?

    AlexAlexMåned siden
  • No beard fallen looks like a kid

    psy duckypsy duckyMåned siden
  • so CIS making the best gaming chairs rn

  • Never seen so many in the chat go "VACs and Cheaters" against VP today. They were just in their zones today.

    Bharat BahadurBharat BahadurMåned siden
    • @Q Q I've seen it

      BorysorBorysorMåned siden
    • @Borysor lol chek Berlin Major 2019

      Q QQ QMåned siden
    • @Švédský Bezdomovec oh, ok then

      BorysorBorysorMåned siden
    • @Borysor im not talking about katowice

      Švédský BezdomovecŠvédský BezdomovecMåned siden
    • @Švédský Bezdomovec it's not a major though

      BorysorBorysorMåned siden
  • Dude if Grim got that 1v4 at the end, momentum might've swung towards liquid. gg none the less

    Joshua C.Joshua C.Måned siden
    • Grim was such a beast in this one🔥

      Ar FaAr FaMåned siden
    • He had the 1v4 too

      Johnny KimJohnny KimMåned siden
    • Gambit and virtus pro deserved to play in the finals

      K.M Saifullah AnjarK.M Saifullah AnjarMåned siden
    • Who knows, the money would've still been fucked.

      EthanmeisterEthanmeisterMåned siden
  • Team Gambit has special curse aura - “-50% to enemy's confidence, + 50% enemy’s chance to fail”

    Илья БордовскийИлья БордовскийMåned siden
  • Ставьте лайки как будто я написал что-то 0хуенное

    Шынтас ҚыдырәліұлыШынтас ҚыдырәліұлыMåned siden
    • Сори, пока только дизлайк

      Mc LovinMc LovinMåned siden
  • that teamkill tho lmao

    Cr0ssCr0ssMåned siden
  • You released videos about Spirit and Liquid today and they both lost so you may have just cursed Gambit and given the title to VP 🤔

    Existential PenguinExistential PenguinMåned siden
    • @Kerttis this aged poorly 😛

      Existential PenguinExistential PenguinMåned siden
    • well yeah, vp is bound to win anyways so it wont be a surprise to anyone when vp wins

      KerttisKerttisMåned siden
  • I one,

    oXialeoXialeMåned siden
    • are you sure?

      dudedudeMåned siden