Can the CSGO Pros tell which map they are on just by the sound of it?
Let's find out again! This time they'll also have to tell us their spot.
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  • qikert: it's cache xd 5:28

    fake aryanfake aryan9 dager siden
  • man this was good

    Master EliteMaster Elite19 dager siden
  • fallen lindao

    afk-afk-23 dager siden
  • u should have used helicopter above ct spawn on vertigo i believe many would have guessed it

    Boris SamardzijaBoris SamardzijaMåned siden
  • Fallen 100% its train Overpass : ?

    wrld uwuwrld uwuMåned siden
  • I actually went 5 for 5 im insane

    Jack SmithJack SmithMåned siden
  • Wrong... last one was nuke! I declare war!

    Legend of ZLegend of ZMåned siden
  • *Completely unrelated noises* Fallen: ITS TRAIN IVY 100% CONFIRMED

    Dhana JonDhana JonMåned siden
  • Rastgele ses: Alayı: Vertigo

    crosskoyamayandayıtugaycrosskoyamayandayıtugayMåned siden
  • How they failed mirage its easiest one of all. I got that one after 1 sec

    Serious OneSerious OneMåned siden
  • Fallen Train

    PalaPalaMåned siden
  • Yekindar: It has to be overpass

    Jonas LiutvinasJonas LiutvinasMåned siden
  • อย่าไห้เมียที่ลูกเป็นลมทำไห้รักอยากตาย1447282

    Prasert VisitsubPrasert VisitsubMåned siden
  • ย้ายเมียที่รู้เป็นลมทำให้รักอยากตาย

    Prasert VisitsubPrasert VisitsubMåned siden
  • *Train sounds* Sh1ro: Itz nyuuke i tink

    madmad bunnymadmad bunnyMåned siden
  • No one: Sh1ro: itz nyuuke i tiink

    madmad bunnymadmad bunnyMåned siden
  • I only got 3 mirage overpass play and overpass heaven.

    Bane_DieselBane_DieselMåned siden
  • Please part 3

    KRIZULA11KRIZULA11Måned siden
  • Really like the editing!

    MærcMærcMåned siden
  • Yes its overpass da da da HAHAHAHA

    Defuse NewsDefuse NewsMåned siden
  • O rei da train, só falava que era train, Ausente professor KKKKKKKKKK

    Gabriel BragaGabriel BragaMåned siden
  • Perfect content

  • CS map sounds daily or unsubscribe

    Jairaj PatilJairaj PatilMåned siden
  • this was actually difficult

    DylanSanDylanSanMåned siden
  • Dev1ce has no idea for 6 minutes

    Bobur KamolovBobur KamolovMåned siden
  • nice

    rästikrästikMåned siden
  • You know its hard when even Xypnex couldn't clutch it!

    Vaibhav GuptaVaibhav GuptaMåned siden
  • 1:27 Yeah no fucking shit probably has like 20K hours

    Hilpo WuXingHilpo WuXingMåned siden
  • NA Ears

    Jason JrJason JrMåned siden
  • I only got vertigo lol

    King SisyphusKing SisyphusMåned siden
  • *Bird sounds* Fallen: it's ivy train

    Nicolas AlbornozNicolas AlbornozMåned siden
    • 100% confirmed

      Ali modzAli modzMåned siden
  • alternate title for the video: CS:GO Pro players having no clue for 6 min straight

    ChrissoChrissoMåned siden
  • Device every time : i heard that but i dont have any idea.👍😂

    Jimmy KJimmy KMåned siden
  • Xyp9x more like *confused unga bunga.

    ManikManikMåned siden
  • Nobody: Fallen: ivy train

    Kaspar JohanningKaspar JohanningMåned siden
  • I guess Fallen's ear is the best to photoshopped this ep then

    Xuân Quỳnh Nguyễn ĐỗXuân Quỳnh Nguyễn ĐỗMåned siden
  • Ironic how fallen was in the thumbnail.

    landocarlrissianlandocarlrissianMåned siden
  • 1:50 The police sirens gave it away.

    Raven ValkyrieRaven ValkyrieMåned siden
    • Nice catch, but for me, it was the generator sound, in the old version the noise was much louder than this new version thus I got it since in the new one it doesn't sound much.

      ExpansesExpansesMåned siden
  • Blast then esl nice More content like this plsss

    Lê Minh NguyễnLê Minh NguyễnMåned siden
  • all this made me realize is I don't give a fuck about the background noise

    TrinnTrinnMåned siden
  • best series by far hahahahah

    Im XylemIm XylemMåned siden
  • Jajaja F Fallen

    pedropabloibpedropabloibMåned siden
  • Se tem Fallen tem nós.

    VinnyVinnyMåned siden
  • We've been waited for this like a year, so we're waiting for 3 part in 2022 :D

    Егор АлоевЕгор АлоевMåned siden
  • bruh i said train for almost every sound hahah

    Filip ArsovskiFilip ArsovskiMåned siden
  • Fallen no beard

    Bryan ChongBryan ChongMåned siden
  • this was fun!

    L.Z.L.Z.Måned siden
  • Overpass, metro sistems :)

    QaZaQ LegendaryQaZaQ LegendaryMåned siden
  • Damn I only got one wrong.

    ZharkiEZharkiEMåned siden
  • no one: absolutely no one: the pros: "yes, its train. yes it's obviously."

    RightNowRightNowMåned siden
    • @Pets All the time.

      Timmy BlomTimmy BlomMåned siden
    • @[BosS] HITMAN 20 But yet, here you are, commenting a similar reply. Somehow I find it hard to believe, that you actually ignored it.

      Timmy BlomTimmy BlomMåned siden
    • @[BosS] HITMAN 20 no one : no one : no one : nigga be reading this :

      diptaismdiptaismMåned siden
    • no one: absolutely no one: me: ignores comments like these

      [BosS] HITMAN 20[BosS] HITMAN 20Måned siden
  • Fallen : *What Dev doing for make this sound map?* Plot twist. *Developer cs can speak bird language*

    Amatsuka MiraiAmatsuka MiraiMåned siden
    • 😂 😂

      Anime GhostAnime GhostMåned siden
  • Imagine if some of this maps isn't in the map pool

    Maula AhmadMaula AhmadMåned siden
  • at least one thing I'm better than most pros

    4lleyezonme4lleyezonmeMåned siden
  • random sounds Fallen: Its IVY train

    timtimMåned siden
  • first dislike 👍

    shivam siddhartha singh rajawatshivam siddhartha singh rajawatMåned siden
  • *Train sounds Xyp9x : "It's Vertigo"

    blurblurMåned siden
    • @Julián Pérez Núñez yeah no shit that’s why he said u have to no clip. U just saying “no train near vertigo” means nothing when xyp9x explained why he said this. Still there are trains sounds on the bed of the city which is why he said that. Not hard to comprehend.

      McRib is backMcRib is backMåned siden
    • @McRib is back Obviously yes, but still there are no trains nearby.

      Julián Pérez NúñezJulián Pérez NúñezMåned siden
    • @Julián Pérez Núñez thats exactly why Xyp9x said "you have to noclip" he knew its not a solid guess but thats what he was reminded of when he heard it

      McRib is backMcRib is backMåned siden
    • @Bonne There aren't any train stations near the tower wdym???

      Julián Pérez NúñezJulián Pérez NúñezMåned siden
    • @eXXo DuS • 15 years ago play Vertigo right now and noclip down to the city and you will see some trains. By the way a train in a city isn't weird?? :)

      BonneBonneMåned siden
  • How they didnt know it was train blew me away

    KRIZULA11KRIZULA11Måned siden
  • stealing ideas from blast i see

    Gokul KrishnanGokul KrishnanMåned siden
    • They made a one last year too..

      sannidhya balkotesannidhya balkoteMåned siden
    • HEAVILY inspired

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyMåned siden
    • wait what i thought i was watching blast

      diptaismdiptaismMåned siden
  • I got 1 right by pure luck.

    Joseph C. MillerJoseph C. MillerMåned siden
    • Hi

      Vincent MillerVincent MillerMåned siden
  • I like Trains

    TritonTritonMåned siden
  • Yes yes it's overpass dadada

    Чебурашка НиндзяЧебурашка НиндзяMåned siden
  • Hard

    l1ndorml1ndormMåned siden

    salaheddine Ayoubisalaheddine AyoubiMåned siden
  • Dad

    HaniaGamerHaniaGamerMåned siden
  • *You didn't include Russian screaming kids....One of the best sounds in-game.*

    Akash DebAkash DebMåned siden
    • @ESL Counter-Strike the likes... 69 nice imma ruin it to 70 ;)

      Anh 124Anh 12426 dager siden
    • First, why do u like Russian screaming kids... it's too catholic! @ESL Counter-Strike Secondly, why did the official channel ESL support cross-national "joke"? ОХУЕТЬ!

      enSobolevenSobolevMåned siden
    • @Shark0605 I get russian invites in india,but most aren't toxic

      keep calmkeep calmMåned siden
    • @Just A Pokemon Commenting On Videos bhai mumbai servers bohot cancer hai

      Noobiness UnlimitedNoobiness UnlimitedMåned siden
    • I know that sound, it is all the maps!

      Jimi MäntyläJimi MäntyläMåned siden
  • Fallen na thumb ? Eu apenas clico

    LucqszLucqszMåned siden
    • Fallen fala melhor em inglês que os próprios gringos

    • 2

      ANDZERAANDZERAMåned siden
  • Все говорят на английском. Так же широ: итс трэйн ай финк

    evgen14balievgen14baliMåned siden
  • ''Whoever is reading this, God bless you and your family''"

    PluxPluxMåned siden
    • Mrbeast is getting really sloppy these days,donating wishes instead of money

      keep calmkeep calmMåned siden
    • @Daemon init1 lmfaooo

      D0p3 GuyyD0p3 GuyyMåned siden
    • Don't bless give money

      Daemon init1Daemon init1Måned siden
    • fake mr beast go look at his video section in his channel

      D0p3 GuyyD0p3 GuyyMåned siden
    • thank you mrbeast

      kaikaiMåned siden
  • hello so i see 2 views and 10 likes and 0 comments

    Samarth SharmaSamarth SharmaMåned siden
  • first to say first

    EmilEmilMåned siden