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  • 2:15 Hobbit uses Aimlock as a wall hack, pretty clear at 0.25 speed. It's beyond reasonable doubt and in overwatch would be vac

    Calzones DeFuego85Calzones DeFuego8525 dager siden
  • gg

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyMåned siden
  • seeing gambit celebrate was awesome

    Martin MulveyMartin MulveyMåned siden
  • these guys were cheating fyi, some of them 100%

    RahulRahulMåned siden
  • 0:53 sus

    Tabish QumarTabish QumarMåned siden
  • Don't think anyone saw this final coming.

    QuietTF2QuietTF2Måned siden
  • hvh server

    marco andrémarco andréMåned siden
  • How did Shiro hit that headshot through the double doors?

    Ishan SharmaIshan SharmaMåned siden
  • Song 5:05 ?

    Lucky WhiteLucky WhiteMåned siden
  • Welcome back Gambit!

  • Called it.

    Jeffrey RainwaterJeffrey RainwaterMåned siden
  • Why do I even bother to respond to comments, its just silvers wanking off eachother for that "sus" wallbang. If you have even watched 3 months of pro cs and have 1 brain cell, you should have noticed it is a very common wallbang for people waiting for cross or smoke on ct. Just because people rarely hit these doesn't make it hacks, you morons.

    ExpansesExpansesMåned siden
  • Everybody mad about the mid doors shot when he clearly saw the smoke and new they were about to cross...

    Jack ManuelJack ManuelMåned siden
    • exactly where and when he was? i call bs

      WizkyWizkyMåned siden
  • I hate dying through doors....

    TritonTritonMåned siden
  • Literally ex gambit vs gambit

    SKyuuD ArchieveSKyuuD ArchieveMåned siden
  • 1:29 eta

    Yuse1Yuse1Måned siden
  • It's glad to see Hobbit with such great firepower and huge impact in 2021 , reminds me the Gambit 2017

    Stefan WuStefan WuMåned siden
  • This shit went by so fast

    xtediousxtediousMåned siden
  • The highlights of a best of 5 in 5 minutes? Wow that seems very short.

    SavouryLobsterSavouryLobsterMåned siden
  • Thats all. The Gambit- the champs

    Sashka SashokSashka SashokMåned siden
  • AbayPEEK

    John ArtusJohn ArtusMåned siden
  • Without my VAC I can't do it

    Diego Soares MoreiraDiego Soares MoreiraMåned siden
  • lots of gold novas calling hacks in the comments

    m0shaym0shayMåned siden
    • because the CS community never takes hacks seriously. every other sport on earth people do whatever they can to get the advantage. why not CS?

      Expat RightsExpat RightsMåned siden

      CinderellaCinderellaMåned siden
  • Insanoo

    Juanro AguilóJuanro AguilóMåned siden
  • 1:29 I think he mistook DreamHack with IEM

    KsnexKsnexMåned siden
  • Hobbit= 1 major win Zywho s2mple and choko= 0 major wins XD

    Fcb MeisterFcb MeisterMåned siden
    • @Арман Базарбаев do you know this year katowice is not a major

      TheKalle98TheKalle98Måned siden
    • @Арман Базарбаев 1

      XQTZ ProdXQTZ ProdMåned siden
    • 2 Major

      Арман БазарбаевАрман БазарбаевMåned siden
    • @The Big A A Hobbit only has one

      3304 Rakandhiya Daanii Rachmanto3304 Rakandhiya Daanii RachmantoMåned siden
    • @The Big A A nah only Pgl Krakow in 2017 or does I miss something?

      Fcb MeisterFcb MeisterMåned siden
  • Atm best team in the world

    SavageSavageMåned siden
  • the editor of those highlights must be drunk there's no other way

    NoPe `NoPe `Måned siden
  • 1:29 cmon dude, ban that shit, repeat whole tournament and send admins to check their pcs

    xxtoxiixxtoxiiMåned siden
    • @Sebastian Kilmartin oh cmon dude, you are delusional if you think there is no cheating in cs, every sport in universe has cheaters and some game curently played online doesnt. shit specially russians. do you know that the whole team got banned from olimpics bcs their own country gave them doping? you think some online gamers will not cheat bcs they have clear hearth?

      xxtoxiixxtoxiiMåned siden
    • @Sebastian Kilmartin CS community always makes excuses. you can blatantly kill infinite people through a smoke or wall and there will always be excuses. i'd cheat blatantly too.

      Expat RightsExpat RightsMåned siden
    • Lmao you think if he actually was cheating he'd do that? Just forget that he has wallhacks on or something.

      Sebastian KilmartinSebastian KilmartinMåned siden
    • i take that back he saw smoke being thrown

      xxtoxiixxtoxiiMåned siden
  • Congratulations to Gambit, Spirit, and VP. These three teams have shown me so much this year. So much entertainment!

    AbhiAbhiMåned siden
  • i hope sh1ro is insane, but that wallbang was very very suspicious

    Krunker BoyzzKrunker BoyzzMåned siden
    • @Арман Базарбаев so you think people will cheat less because there's MORE money to win? lol

      Expat RightsExpat RightsMåned siden
    • @Арман Базарбаев its not a major

      TiCkShotTiCkShotMåned siden
    • @TiCkShot Man it's major , don't cheating. It's seriously tournament))

      Арман БазарбаевАрман БазарбаевMåned siden
    • i dont think he will do something so sus live if he was cheating

      TiCkShotTiCkShotMåned siden
  • They have SH1RO of course they're gonna win it

    Angel nopeAngel nopeMåned siden
  • was rooting for gambit, until Shiro hit that wallbang

    • @Sebastian Kilmartin Ikr these silvers are acting as if he hit the same kind of shot multiple times, or that getting a kill from mid with a 6 round lead is a crucial thing for Gambit to do

      blurblurMåned siden
    • Because you're dumb? Or some other reason? It's an easy read to make, combined with a bit of luck it's not unrealistic. Y'all never hit that flick before?

      Sebastian KilmartinSebastian KilmartinMåned siden
    • Mate he literally saw the cross smoke, and then he assumed that someone is waiting to cross. It's a common wallbang on Faceit

      blurblurMåned siden
  • Obvious cheating going on in these matches

    1Snouser1SnouserMåned siden
    • @Expat Rights if you didnt know already, thats the point of cs

      Sanan ChaudhrySanan ChaudhryMåned siden
    • yea the whole highlight reel is players just blatantly waiting for invisible enemies to appear, while being totally ready for them.. or spraying hard and hitting all headshots..

      Expat RightsExpat RightsMåned siden
    • I wouldn't say obvious but I'm certainly sus because of a few moments

      DollyDeKuvaDollyDeKuvaMåned siden
    • huh

      Sanan ChaudhrySanan ChaudhryMåned siden
  • so what they win 1 tournament and they suck after

    BarmyBarmyMåned siden
  • gg

    merghei84 rapidrapidmerghei84 rapidrapidMåned siden
  • Big online events is just dumb, and wtf is 1:25

    ReasonReasonMåned siden
    • @Reason that wallbang wasnt sus, he saw him under arm the smoke and he knew nobody had crossed, its lucky sure but not impossible. And most of the teams are at their respective facilities now which presumably have the best internet they can get, Besides, ALL teams have to deal with it being online its a disadvantage for everyone

      m0shaym0shayMåned siden
    • @m0shay when theres incredibly stupid lag resulting in kills (nearly backtracking level) and sus plays like this....? possibly. theres lucky shots but what the fuck was that? and yesterdays match had some fishy shit too

      ReasonReasonMåned siden
    • maybe they arent as good as lan but would you rather have no big events or online big events?

      m0shaym0shayMåned siden

    K4SSS1K4SSS1Måned siden
  • i cant still believe how these little kids could do it lol

    Süleyman FANİSüleyman FANİMåned siden
    • little kids , nothing to lose, no police, no accountability, no investigations....

      Expat RightsExpat RightsMåned siden
    • @Michael onliners? You mean heroic?

      John ArtusJohn ArtusMåned siden
    • Onliners

      MichaelMichaelMåned siden
  • Hobbit mvp final!

    Mukagali ShaikhslamovMukagali ShaikhslamovMåned siden
  • No one: ESL: Fast as fuck Boiiii

    Dr AtlanDr AtlanMåned siden
    • @Maximiliano Otis checking it out now. Seems good so far.

      Beckett DiegoBeckett DiegoMåned siden
  • nice i am so happy for them lets goooooo hobbit

    BotmiesterBotmiesterMåned siden

    Loot The TruthLoot The TruthMåned siden
  • Reminds of the gambit with zeus

    Vintage MachineVintage MachineMåned siden
  • Blockbaster

    QaZaQ LegendaryQaZaQ LegendaryMåned siden
  • 1:29 looks sus !! XD

    HarshitHarshitMåned siden
    • Matchmaking i always prefire that 3 seconds from getting into postion it gets a kill probably about 20 percent of the time, think it’s just timed luck to be honest

      kyle sandersonkyle sandersonMåned siden
    • ...? Do you guys even play the game..? If they don’t cross they sit right there. What’s suspicious about this? S1mple does something like this every other game

      shcabooseshcabooseMåned siden
    • @Colton Thomas Bruh. I've only been started playing CSGO with my mates a month ago and I can easily tell that Shiro got that kill from the CT Smoke XD. He saw a CT throw it knowing someone was about to cross, estimating the trajectory the smoke was thrown from and got the headshot.

      Ish ShahIsh ShahMåned siden
    • @Colton Thomas Why do kids like these even play CS, these are literally so common wallbangs lmao.

      ExpansesExpansesMåned siden
    • @Colton Thomas dude, he just adjusted there, it's not an aim lock at all.. Most higher ranks people just flick to their desired positions and get their kill easily, that would've look more like an aim lock. The way he adjust his crosshair here was how sniper players do it. Nothing new

      JyungiJyungiMåned siden
  • Lol what was that middoors wallbang

    Andrew HsuAndrew HsuMåned siden
    • @Wizky it's almost like g2 vs tyloo where kennys walling mid doors without peeking from low mid. In this clip shiro knew the ct won't pass mid so he put a random shot. Tbh, flusha could do better walls

      Alief Fauzan thecatAlief Fauzan thecatMåned siden
    • @Evinson Akin never without the peak though. Theres a reason to be suspicious, both VP and Gambit rose to the top straight out of nowhere.

      WizkyWizkyMåned siden
    • @Expat Rights yea..but i refuse to believe its a hack, because most pros are totally hv insane game sense that they can even measure distance just seeing the enemy throwing that smoke nade, even s1mple did that often in mid door dust2

      Evinson AkinEvinson AkinMåned siden
    • @Evinson Akin so many of these clips look like straight out of a hackers exposed video...

      Expat RightsExpat RightsMåned siden
    • Kinda sus..he know exactly where it is

      Evinson AkinEvinson AkinMåned siden
  • :)

    Mc MacavihMc MacavihMåned siden
  • Русские вперёд!!!

    Mc MacavihMc MacavihMåned siden
  • WTF was this final.

    J GJ GMåned siden
  • Queee????? 1:28

    Thiago MarquesThiago MarquesMåned siden
    • +

      Rudy x godRudy x godMåned siden
    • Mano, jogada mais suspeita que vi

      Lucas GuedesLucas GuedesMåned siden
  • ''Whoever is reading this, God bless you and your family''👑

    PluxPluxMåned siden
    • God Bless your family too! And you

      Sven 345Sven 345Måned siden
    • just looked at your profile and its pure cancer

      Alec BakerAlec BakerMåned siden
  • Hobbit GOD

    Agent OrangeAgent OrangeMåned siden
    • Best player world

      pecopecoMåned siden
    • @Expat Rights You don't need to be pro to know this. No Kappa

      King SisyphusKing SisyphusMåned siden
    • @King Sisyphus oh yea i'm sure you're some pro-level player Kappa

      Expat RightsExpat RightsMåned siden
    • @Expat Rights learn about crosshair placement and pre-aim then comeback and say that, you silver

      King SisyphusKing SisyphusMåned siden
    • yea he's a GOD at always knowing where the enemy is, and always being ready when they appear.. it's like he can see what we see!

      Expat RightsExpat RightsMåned siden
  • Ohh cisovice, hello again:D

    PEPEGAPEPEGAMåned siden
  • Win 500usd

    Matias GarcilazoMatias GarcilazoMåned siden
  • 🥵

    Alex BAlex BMåned siden
  • No

    陰と陽Kanoshi陰と陽KanoshiMåned siden
  • First

    Alex BAlex BMåned siden
  • 👍👍👍👍

    ̿s̿α̿l̿є̿ɪ̿н ̿z AL.Zahrani̿s̿α̿l̿є̿ɪ̿н ̿z AL.ZahraniMåned siden
  • Maybe first!

    Kyösti PekkalaKyösti PekkalaMåned siden
  • 1

    Alex BAlex BMåned siden
  • First?

    Latzuno RetzunoLatzuno RetzunoMåned siden