sh1ro matches s1mple's CLUTCH RECORD! - All 19 Clutches Compilation

19 clutches in just 17 maps. Unheard of numbers by sh1ro at IEM Katowice 2021!
Here's all of the moments that brought him to being the MvP of the tournament.
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  • Steam banned my account because i said fuck Gaben in steam discussions page.. Lost over 2000 euros of investments, and after contacting steam support, they just said "sorry cant help you" Better think twice before using Steam...

    aleksi faswfaleksi faswf3 dager siden
  • Most of them were close out frags, he barely had any proper clutches

    pimptonypimptony22 dager siden
  • One thing is not like the other.

    Jeste rJeste r27 dager siden
  • xyp9x vs Sh1ro will be intense

    JacKoTackJacKoTack29 dager siden
  • Just don't compare him with one can defeat s1mple unless he retires

    Mb VlogsMb VlogsMåned siden
  • Ему до симпла как до луны пешком

    r mentalistr mentalistMåned siden
  • this is sad most of these were easy because he knew where they were following the death of his teamates and easy frags most of them werent clutches

  • Not one of them was impressive.

    JordzJordzMåned siden
  • This is why KennyS retire

    Nona MarquezNona MarquezMåned siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    MatrasMatrasMåned siden
  • (сообщение удалено)

    SaDSaDMåned siden
  • Most of these are trades not clutches.

    B AcsB AcsMåned siden
  • Kids now days defending Shiro against GOD

    Tuhin BasuTuhin BasuMåned siden
  • Sh1ro hltv top 20 confirmed

    Himank XavierHimank XavierMåned siden
  • it is always s1mple vs someone 2018: s1mple vs device/niko 2019 and 2020: s1mple vs zywoo 2021: s1mple vs sh1ro

    Undead OneUndead OneMåned siden
  • gg

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyMåned siden
  • This guy is next level... If he maintains his consistency.... He will be one of the best player .

    ShroudShroudMåned siden
  • He is Ukrainian, not russian, get a fuck away

    Aralone RecordsAralone RecordsMåned siden
  • It’s not a clutch . It’s just 1v1 trades . U can’t compare him with s1mple . S1mple is on another planet

    Utkarsh RoshanUtkarsh RoshanMåned siden
  • U just can't compare sh1ro and s1mple. s1mple is on another level!

    adithya raoadithya raoMåned siden
  • Yekindar is actually better

    Ivan DrobnjakIvan DrobnjakMåned siden
  • 1vs1 for me is ez, but sh1ro is unreal player :)

    NHZ /csgoNHZ /csgoMåned siden
  • sh1ro top one 2021?

    sa1zew_orti sa1zew_ortisa1zew_orti sa1zew_ortiMåned siden
  • sh1ro is basically boruto of s1mple lmao

    Zack HoangZack HoangMåned siden
  • Wtf why comparing a rookie to a GOD....SUCH A SHAME...THOSE CLUTCHES WERE NOT EVEN CONVINCING

    SickoSickoMåned siden
  • S1imple >>> shiro

    justin Kirchmayerjustin KirchmayerMåned siden
  • Some of the 'clutches' should go as failed clutches from opponent.

    Kabir JainKabir JainMåned siden
  • it's shiro vs simple.. then

    Night ParadeNight ParadeMåned siden
  • He also matched the record in a little over half the maps

    Finn RobertsonFinn RobertsonMåned siden
  • Next top1 hltv

    Котан СатанКотан СатанMåned siden
  • I saw a lot of trade “clutches” and 1v1 clutches. I think 3 had 2 opponents and 1 had 3.

    Steel City BreakdownSteel City BreakdownMåned siden
  • Wtf every "clutch" is just hum trsding his tm in a 2 v 1 xd

    BoBBoBMåned siden
  • S1mple's one clutch (1v4) against liquid in 2020 IEM KATOWICE is better than these 19 clutches lol

    Ozzy ITOzzy ITMåned siden
  • He's doing great and is immensely talented but to put him against S1mple is a far-cry!!

    Rishav MasihRishav MasihMåned siden
  • 1 vs 1 is not a "clutch"

    Francisco PeixotoFrancisco PeixotoMåned siden
  • Красавчик SHIRO

    MALOYMALOYMåned siden
  • Gonna sound like a hater but most of these are not impressive like zywoo and s1mple has, most of these are 1v2 trade kills, i only liked few of these. I have seen many insane clutches from sh1ro in other events, i know he is a beast, but nah these were just not tht good. Hltv shouldn't count trade kills as clutches man. Still sh1ro was a beast in katowice

    ankur dwivediankur dwivediMåned siden
  • Not as amazing as S1mple though

    ToffeeToffeeMåned siden
  • 90% 1vs1 clickbait 💩

    KahzahmKahzahmMåned siden
  • Trading your teammates is CLUTCH??? sh1ro is just a fucking baiter, look at his plays. He never goes first and always trades his teammates and having all the info. Why is Yekindar not an MVP? His role is much harder and he still gets kills and he was carrying his team to the top. Also sh1ro is awp abuser, give him ak and he won't show the same performance s1mple can show.

    Aleks MehanikAleks MehanikMåned siden
  • 12 not clutch

    Werty 6Werty 6Måned siden
  • Nice hax

    rudgkr drudgkr dMåned siden
  • I like how everyone is hating. He played really good and he managed to get his team to the final and won.

    Diego DriesensDiego DriesensMåned siden
  • Damn I forgot y’all are pro players also...let the kid enjoy the spotlight, he is much better than any of you.

    Pokerim99Pokerim99Måned siden
  • Is that you Jason? Jason Bourne?

    TritonTritonMåned siden
  • i just imagine if sh1ro stomp s1mple on lan. would s1mple fans say lucky or just skill. jezz s1mple fans can't accept the truth. they always thinking no one is better than s1mple only s1mple is the best no one else

    tulus sobaritulus sobariMåned siden
  • Bullshit!

    Rahul RawatRahul RawatMåned siden
  • S1mple did his clutches in a 1 v X situations on the lan tournaments with big crowds against TOP teams

    Tommy MurphyTommy MurphyMåned siden
  • Boring

    hodenbacke55555hodenbacke55555Måned siden
  • whatever they (silver) says , he's gonna be a monster player

    Venaldy AnandaVenaldy AnandaMåned siden
  • Overrated

    Usman NasirUsman NasirMåned siden
  • Молодец парень. 😀

    Ярослав КалининЯрослав КалининMåned siden
  • sh1ro is definitely sick af, but who gives a fuck if you're not separating online vs offline with regards to records

  • I believe we’ve got another wonder kid in CS

    Kevin JacobKevin JacobMåned siden
  • Click bait title

    Rob StanifordRob StanifordMåned siden
  • Yeah but 1vs1s most of them and even many of them were just trades

    SMekaSMekaMåned siden
  • Telling u guys now these new guys are sus

    villain heroes couldn't kill motha fu*kavillain heroes couldn't kill motha fu*kaMåned siden
  • next simpal?

    Eugene MarushkoEugene MarushkoMåned siden
  • Prodigy.

    Ivan Zi Lin NgIvan Zi Lin NgMåned siden
  • these arnt clutches per say, hes just winning 1v1 in no way shape or form does he perform like s1mple

    mimicmimicMåned siden
    • Online v online record, or online v LAN

      Gnome PartyGnome PartyMåned siden
    • @Gnome Party Less games SO i count IT as new rec

      burple bunnysliperburple bunnysliperMåned siden
    • @burple bunnysliper Matched not broken?

      Gnome PartyGnome PartyMåned siden
    • Still Record Brooken

      burple bunnysliperburple bunnysliperMåned siden
  • Xyp9x : 😂😂😂😂😂

    Keyif ÇayıKeyif ÇayıMåned siden
  • S1mple is s1mple and sh1ro is sh1ro

    Andrei ParaianAndrei ParaianMåned siden
  • Feel like that one where frozen got a kill spawn and all shiro had to do was hit a very easy AWP shot from B shouldn't be considered a clutch.

    Justin HoffmanJustin HoffmanMåned siden
  • Instead of having Sh1ro praised for his skills,ESL is getting him over-shadowed by S1mple doing unnecessary and maybe too early comparisons.

    • sh1ro tops s1mple in many stat categories all time on HLTV

      Im ZirkiIm ZirkiMåned siden
  • Not feel special, just luck maybe.

    SandyNyeSandyNyeMåned siden
  • Its just the trades and 1V1 clutches man..... Sh1ro was in a spot where he knew where the last guy was,,,, duh......

    SamDiePie 'THE BEST'SamDiePie 'THE BEST'Måned siden
  • He Just Baites his Teammates and than wins those rounds by trading his teammates.

    Pawan MakhijaPawan MakhijaMåned siden
    • @Pawan Makhija silver?

      shubham chaudharyshubham chaudharyMåned siden
    • Thats why he is the next s1mple XD

    • Ok If Ur not Bad link faceit and hltv

      burple bunnysliperburple bunnysliperMåned siden
    • Lmao I ain't bad at game and i didn't asked your opinion about my comment. I wrote what i felt if you feel bad than go and cry.

      Pawan MakhijaPawan MakhijaMåned siden
    • thats not baiting, thats called trading. idiots

      Sanan ChaudhrySanan ChaudhryMåned siden
  • Shiro next Simple🔥🔥🔥

    Just some guy who broke his mustacheJust some guy who broke his mustacheMåned siden
  • The people who are whining about sh1ro in the comment section . Even winning 1v1 most of the time against likes of players like s1mple requires you to be insanely skilled and talented . So Stop whining like Idiots because sh1ro is here to stay . Amazing Talent from Gambit

    • @RANJEEB MOHANTY For sure

      Sherwin PhilipSherwin PhilipMåned siden
    • @Sherwin Philip If that is the case then only ESL is to be blamed not sh1ro.

    • I don't think the problem is sh1ro. He's insanely talented and the impact he had is undeniable to anyone who watched, but this looks more like a statpad instead of actual, difficult clutches for a pro level. Not saying he can't clutch or something, but this list is odd.

      Sherwin PhilipSherwin PhilipMåned siden
  • 1v1 are not clutches - change my mind

    EP1CEP1CMåned siden
  • Nice

    ClumzyChickenClumzyChickenMåned siden
  • 1v1s and trades not even close to s1mple

    hellLykhellLykMåned siden
  • If trades were the clutch, Xyp9x's, Shox's clutches would be double than his current record by now😂. And many others would make into the clutch lists😂.

    Baishali RayBaishali RayMåned siden
    • nah the rules are always the same. of course it looks less impressive, and Xyp9x and shox probably more 1v2s, 1v3s, etc., but if you count everything then sh1ro and s1mple are tied for most clutches at an event

      Logan HermanLogan HermanMåned siden
  • Don't compare this guy to s1mple 🤦‍♂️

    KeshavKeshavMåned siden
  • s1mple is s1mple and there is no one like him. sh1ro is beast but s1mple is GOD.

    Pardeep MPardeep MMåned siden
  • Who else looking for the idiots saying that he cheats lmao

    Mason MMason MMåned siden
  • stop comparing shiro with simple. pressure of the hype might hurt him, let him be a legend of his own

    184 766 Suraj N M184 766 Suraj N MMåned siden
    • @Logan Herman people comparing him to simple is fine and understandable, of course it's gonna happen. esl doing it feels wrong.

      184 766 Suraj N M184 766 Suraj N MMåned siden
    • if he is to be a real legend, pressure like that won't stop him. every legend has to deal with comparisons to other legends

      Logan HermanLogan HermanMåned siden
  • Flamie has become such a bad player, its disgusting. s1mple cant catch a break.

    HaasTheFirstHaasTheFirstMåned siden
  • s1mple simp mad cuz shiro beats simple record

    vin lorevin loreMåned siden
  • It's crazy all of this idiot children who don't know what a clutch is. If any of you put in the effort to check s1mples clutch record you'd find that 90% were 1v1 trade frags with full information. He got 3-4 decent clutches and the rest were the exact same as you are complaining about.

    Sebastian KilmartinSebastian KilmartinMåned siden
  • how can Shiro be a part used in Cars?

    Rajiv RathodRajiv RathodMåned siden
  • Navi fans are furious because some new kid destroyed their overrated idol.

    Cheerio BoxCheerio BoxMåned siden
  • I just realized that win a 1v1 is considered a clutch.

    Stefano HickeyStefano HickeyMåned siden
    • @AqiL still less impressive compared to 1v2s and above.

      Your DalYour DalMåned siden
    • Match matches live and u will understand what it actually means

      AqiLAqiLMåned siden
  • Clip it and send it to superstittum xd

    Hilmi Ghoniyyu HinubaHilmi Ghoniyyu HinubaMåned siden
  • From SH1RO to HERO!

    DMK_RAPDMK_RAPMåned siden
  • Lmao I remember people was saying zywoo the next best cs go player now there saying shiro is damn can’t u guys stay consistent

    china viruschina virusMåned siden
  • People in the comments really gotta learn what the term '1vX' means.

    Shannon FeliniShannon FeliniMåned siden
  • Clutching = Winning a round whilst being the last member alive on your team.

    MurkkyMurkkyMåned siden
    • @D. B. hahaha

      coldfanzera csgocoldfanzera csgo4 dager siden
    • @I'm a huge failure Shiro 'Clock.... badum tssssss

      MurkkyMurkkyMåned siden
    • Clutching = Shiro left

      D. B.D. B.Måned siden
    • The reverse Jame

      I'm a huge failureI'm a huge failureMåned siden
    • Clutching = Changing outcome of the round.

      Markas ViciulisMarkas ViciulisMåned siden
  • Lol more than half are against Heroic

    Jack KarlssonJack KarlssonMåned siden
  • Can we get the goddamn VODs on youtube instead of these

    SariondilSariondilMåned siden
  • till 1:20 is only 1v1's

    A BCA BCMåned siden
  • 19 clutches, 20 vs heroic

    David FreitasDavid FreitasMåned siden
  • Shiro is a dope player and definitely top 20 or 10 potential, but ESL really gotta relax with pushing this guy down everyone’s throat. Don’t ruin this dudes name with these bs labels of having “clutches” when it’s only 1v1s. It’ll just make people dislike him even tho it’s not even his fault

    Arian AminiArian AminiMåned siden
    • Agreed

      Abhishek RawatAbhishek RawatMåned siden
    • Finally, someone who makes sense

      Vasudev SinghVasudev SinghMåned siden
  • I really liked the one where he actually clutched

    Arian AminiArian AminiMåned siden
    • @YOUSFI Mohamed Walid still a clutch

      Dhana JonDhana JonMåned siden
    • @Nevan Kuswandi some were even 2v1 where he instantly traded, thats weird honestly

      YOUSFI Mohamed WalidYOUSFI Mohamed WalidMåned siden
    • @Nevan Kuswandi r/whooosh

      blankblankMåned siden
    • every one of them were clutches , its just not too impresive cuz mostly 1 v 1

      Nevan KuswandiNevan KuswandiMåned siden
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    Максим КравчукМаксим КравчукMåned siden
  • Should a 1v1 be considered a clutch?

    MittronMittronMåned siden
    • @Big D Larry Clutch is winning a round 1vX

      matis2303matis2303Måned siden
    • @matis2303 OMEGALUL

      Big D LarryBig D LarryMåned siden
    • Yep

      matis2303matis2303Måned siden
  • Great performance, see ya next tournament :)

    Bairkoo MalakshinovBairkoo MalakshinovMåned siden
  • Most of these aren't even from his perspective. Fucking lazy ESL, fucking lazy.

    MyrinamMyrinamMåned siden
  • Пусть дурачок ПЕРФЕКТО поучится, е одного клатча, 1 кил в раунде МАксималка

    TVETH officialTVETH officialMåned siden
    • Боже...

      Максим КравчукМаксим КравчукMåned siden
  • If using hacks will win u a Katowice. Then okay. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    NJ ZeeNJ ZeeMåned siden
    • lol ur just mad that some cis teams won the tourney, and not your beloved navi smh

      Sanan ChaudhrySanan ChaudhryMåned siden