The BEST of G2 KennyS

Kenny "kennyS" Schrub has left G2 esports.
We're taking a look at the french AWP powerhouse's best moments, frags and highlights in this frag movie!
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  • kennyS doesn't play AWP. kennyS is AWP.

    prod1gyprod1gy16 timer siden
  • Please someone hire this beautiful baguette

    Antoine LeclercqAntoine LeclercqDag siden
  • KennyACE

    Prasad JagtapPrasad JagtapDag siden
  • Name song

    Owaldo Franz Sardon CespesdesOwaldo Franz Sardon Cespesdes2 dager siden
  • Everything is perfect but Kenny's cfg is right handed

    erjan alybekoverjan alybekov2 dager siden
  • What´s the first song name tho

    SilverSlainerSilverSlainer2 dager siden
  • Reload- Vance Wastelake. The first song, thank me later😌

    Sidharth DashSidharth Dash3 dager siden
  • Kenny shox were something else

    0lecV0lecV3 dager siden
  • Can someone tell me the name of the 1st song used in this video please?

    Shantanu BoliShantanu Boli6 dager siden
  • Kennys is a feeling , whenever someone hit that crazy flick the first name comes to everyone's mind is Kennys

    brooKsbrooKs6 dager siden
  • KennyS might leave csgo if they change the awping style in valorant

    Seihan DySeihan Dy8 dager siden
  • This is My daily dose of motivation

    Dharun R.SDharun R.S8 dager siden
  • whenever I want to show someone who does not know about csgo, I show him the best plays of KennyS ❤️ fav player

    ultr4ultr410 dager siden
  • Perfect

    QaZaQ LegendaryQaZaQ Legendary10 dager siden
  • AWP ~ KennyS

    Omkar AhirOmkar Ahir15 dager siden
  • 2 legends have left cs to play valorant.ScreaM and KennyS

    MoggYeMoggYe15 dager siden
  • Name of KennyS will never been forgotten!

    Lukijan LazarovLukijan Lazarov16 dager siden
  • KennyS besttt

    beckzzbeckzz17 dager siden
  • Thank you ESL Counter-Strike for this amazing video. Love you KennyS

    Abhijeet RajAbhijeet Raj17 dager siden
  • Kenny that wreck asses

    Bruh Dude 69Bruh Dude 6917 dager siden
  • Anyone got the name of 2nd song?

    hejdukenhejduken20 dager siden
  • Kennnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    inyukayinyukay21 dag siden
  • KennyS The Legacy

    Pushpendra VishwakarmaPushpendra Vishwakarma21 dag siden
  • Song?

    10E11 Ho Wang Clement KWOK10E11 Ho Wang Clement KWOK23 dager siden
  • 1:38 the flick

    NanieveNanieve24 dager siden
  • Every single one of this guys are legends just from getting to where they are now. They all have their own stories, highs and lows. It's just breathtaking what some of them have gone through just to get there. LEGENDS!

    ColapsoColapso24 dager siden
  • My all time favourite player.

    Rise of the planet of DOGERise of the planet of DOGE26 dager siden
  • 1:38 what in the fucking fuck was that?

    kabeer alikabeer ali26 dager siden
  • whats this fire music?? PLOX

    KneelKneel27 dager siden
  • kenny said on stream that he didnt like that the K in his name in the title is capitalized and said its disrespectful (as a joke of course) he also said that the video makes him look like hes retiring lol

    DizzyDizzy27 dager siden
  • KennyS in 2014 fragmovie full of aces KennyS in 2020 fragmovie wow 3 kills lets add this xD xD xD xD

  • Valbe nerfs awp because...

    jose picazojose picazo27 dager siden
  • Music?

    17 Universal17 Universal27 dager siden
  • give me song pls

    NopeeツNopeeツ27 dager siden
  • I still remember the time when every Awper main had an awp skin with "KennyS" sticker on the scope as a must

    Choeing SherpaChoeing Sherpa27 dager siden
  • Legend will return

    Sopheakdey MoeunSopheakdey Moeun27 dager siden
  • who edited this? looks so clean!

    potala12potala1228 dager siden
    • paperC

      ThayuThayu17 dager siden
  • Never forget this name 🔥😔

    TrucTruc28 dager siden
  • KennyS st 1 awp play!!!!! No s1mple

    *******.*******.28 dager siden
  • F

    *******.*******.28 dager siden
  • Kenny is a beast

    TheRealMasterTheRealMaster28 dager siden
  • Magik stick...

    Александр ЕвдокимовАлександр Евдокимов28 dager siden
  • What a legend...

    Verse GamingVerse Gaming28 dager siden
  • 4:47

    prof_ 0prof_ 028 dager siden
  • We all miss him. Back in the day, this man was S1mple + Dev1ce with his consistency!

    Goo Hye SunGoo Hye Sun28 dager siden
  • Is kennyS baby never forget the name

    anommaanomma29 dager siden
  • Im not fan of G2 i am fan of KennyS

    jfjjdu LPjfjjdu LP29 dager siden
  • Fnx?

    Ana DiasAna Dias29 dager siden
  • Perfect video perfect player

    MashowMashow29 dager siden
  • There is a fact called KennyS in the game!

    MashowMashow29 dager siden
  • legendary awp.

    Play' ArtzPlay' Artz29 dager siden
  • Valve had to nerf AWP because of KennyS

    KEYA KARKEYA KAR29 dager siden
  • maybe the most iconic cs player in history. He made the S legendary.

    MaxMgsMaxMgs29 dager siden
  • Vintage kennyS will comeback stronger again.

    HeadShooterPLHeadShooterPL29 dager siden
  • lightnig fast

    Nemanja PetrovićNemanja Petrović29 dager siden
  • What's The Sountrack?

    Yopi RivaldyYopi Rivaldy29 dager siden
  • Легегда, возращайся! Мы тебя ждём!!!

    Артём БандерычАртём Бандерыч29 dager siden
  • When i Hear KennyS it means AWP.

    Mash PotatoMash Potato29 dager siden
  • Back when he was still kennyS not pennyS

    Dewantoro Man UDewantoro Man U29 dager siden
  • its so fucking good

    ProGips 453ProGips 453Måned siden
  • Damn, Kenny is just a highlight machine!

    10 Millions10 MillionsMåned siden
  • for me , kennyS = csgo thats it :D

    ter hater haMåned siden
  • wtf ESL, so faking nicely vids, i love you content

    antuneS HENRYQUEantuneS HENRYQUEMåned siden
  • y porque no me pidieron autorización para subir mis clips? cada vez mas falta de respeto esta organización, la voy a dejar pasar por esta ve

    SerskerenSerskerenMåned siden
  • Kenny Best awper

  • 1:08

    Rin TenRin TenMåned siden
  • KennyF 😗

    Marcus viniciusMarcus viniciusMåned siden
  • imagine simple getting benched

    tripXatripXaMåned siden
  • How KennyS really played/plays csgo

    Luiz SantanaLuiz SantanaMåned siden
  • The Most Representative AWPer Of CS:GO I believe KennyS will comeback soon!!!!!!!

    InbinAryInbinAryMåned siden
  • KennyS is Legend

    AlekseyAlekseyMåned siden
  • they spelled it with a big K noooooooooo

    hvwormhvwormMåned siden
  • Olofmeister has left the chat.

    Erik D.KErik D.KMåned siden
  • When ESL makes a montage of your legendary kills then you are a LEGEND and no one would forget your name .

    Prabhupad SahuPrabhupad SahuMåned siden
  • We all L💖VE you mister kennyS

    ShimidaShimidaMåned siden
  • Guys they benched best awper in the world its so big mistake

  • song name?

    Dharun R.SDharun R.SMåned siden
  • So many good comments with so many likes... not only those "pro players" cheat in the game, but also have shi.....loads of bots on youtube xDDDDD Such sad losers..

    Don PercentDon PercentMåned siden
  • When I saw Virre Csgo video top 20 players of 2015 Then I start Csgo🥰

    EzVac GamingEzVac GamingMåned siden
  • Эффектов маловато

    Василий БурякВасилий БурякMåned siden
  • its kennys babyyy

    Shikhar AgarwalShikhar AgarwalMåned siden
  • We all know gods of cs go who awps like insane, but those are just gods of game, kennyS is the god of AWP.

    Eric MasseyEric MasseyMåned siden
  • he is cheater no he is kennyS baby

    Ömer TopalÖmer TopalMåned siden
  • 4:10 song?

    Christian NChristian NMåned siden
  • next

    Oskii GOskii GMåned siden
  • El mejor awp😍🥺

    Cacu- YtCacu- YtMåned siden
  • Walking canon

    可路米可路米Måned siden
  • If he leaves for Valorant, Then im fucking leaving aswell. actually been maining the AWP since I heard of kennyS back in 2014.

    SkylsTTvSkylsTTvMåned siden
  • The greatest CSGO awper of all time and possibly the player with the highest peak on his prime (titan KennyS was unstoppable)

    Your DalYour DalMåned siden
  • Song?

    Heildir EzekielHeildir EzekielMåned siden
  • -FNX kiss me By: KennyS Ntc padrim

    Walberto FilhoWalberto FilhoMåned siden
  • My favourite player, the one who make me love CS

    xxx xxxxxx xxxMåned siden

    qeNNySqeNNySMåned siden
  • They had to nerf the AWP because of kennyS, thats how good he is! Good luck in the future Kenny :)

    ZweffEZweffEMåned siden
  • Music used in this video???😁

    085 Johith085 JohithMåned siden
  • Such a great montage for such a great player. Absolutely love it

    François AguilarFrançois AguilarMåned siden
  • damn man straight nostalgia here...

    Rakha AdiyatmaRakha AdiyatmaMåned siden
  • Guys his play style is amazing but damn, shout out to the content team. What a sick edit! Making gamers look like freaking gods

    S BS BMåned siden
  • Because of Kenny I started playing Csgo

    Rahul NaikRahul NaikMåned siden
  • KennyS the awp god 👑

    Rahul NaikRahul NaikMåned siden