THE CIS SHOWDOWN - IEM Katowice 2021 Quarterfinals Highlights

The IEM Katowice 2021 Quarterfinals saw Gambit go up against Na'Vi and Virtus.Pro take on Astralis.
Here's all the best highlights, frags and funny moments!
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  • Boombi4 pulled a Summ1t

    JTBSpartanJTBSpartanMåned siden
  • 5:14 Yekindar just flushed down all non-CIS teams away from CISowice.

    Иван ДеникинИван ДеникинMåned siden
  • 5:14 did you hear that?

    Hilmi Ghoniyyu HinubaHilmi Ghoniyyu HinubaMåned siden
  • I always said navi are prone to inconsistency and can lose against worse teams and all the navi fanboys told me to shutup and that they'd happily eat out simples ass and now I'm right. First liquid and now gambit. Navi need consistency if they want to get that major.

  • Shiro will be mvp

    Freak MindFreak MindMåned siden
  • Damn these CIS teams looked real confident with their play

    Shikhar SinghShikhar SinghMåned siden
  • Gambit the rising team? Oh well Hobbit from gambit is performing well. He's playing like zywoo of vitality!

    madeline levymadeline levyMåned siden
  • NaVi AND Astralis both out in the same day. Holy crap! LET'S GO LIQUID!

    LukeLukeMåned siden
  • The cut at 1:06 confused me so hard.

    L1feL0wL1feL0wMåned siden
  • Astralis will be back dont worry they always figure things out before the major.

    Beaux ClydeBeaux ClydeMåned siden
  • *VP will be top1 soon*

  • Gambit vs VP at finals

    Орал МанапОрал МанапMåned siden
  • Navi unlucky game

    MatrixMatrixMåned siden
  • The lockdown on CIS region has really helped alot of these teams to fly under the radar for a year now. Navi is the only team that's been regularly playing outside the region, and outside of some insane games by s1mple/electronic they've largely been figured out. I expect VP to start making more international appearances again, it will be interesting to see if they can maintain this level.

    Wretched EggWretched EggMåned siden
  • We need pandemic off, so many onliners are winning, just wait for Big lan events and u see dat teams are winning 16/1 ;; 16/6 ;; 16/8 maybe can't win a sh1t on lan

    chespiZ88chespiZ88Måned siden
  • NAVI's World Class Strategy, 'Wait for final 10 sec & then Rush B' 😐

    TheBlueSkullTheBlueSkullMåned siden
    • I just have no idea what happened to them :( as a NaVi fan i am so sad now :( i hope they fix it up asap....

      Süleyman FANİSüleyman FANİMåned siden
  • Liquid prove your potential :)

    Yaron AlexYaron AlexMåned siden
    • More like lulquid

      Blitz arkBlitz arkMåned siden
  • Hobbit lowkey looking like Dosia

    Mel CervezaMel CervezaMåned siden
  • NAVI -flamie and get sdy or yekindar pls

    _adu_aduMåned siden
    • vp isnt poor organisation and they dont need money.

      h4wockh4wockMåned siden

    no1no1Måned siden
    • True

      Sie, Evan SetiawanSie, Evan SetiawanMåned siden
  • cute.

    Kmap MobileKmap MobileMåned siden
  • Hello

    саня гробовщиксаня гробовщикMåned siden
  • 3:34 DO IT, BASTARD

    gunsnrosesgunsnrosesMåned siden
  • CIS too Stronk for this tournament

    KerkiKerkiMåned siden
  • This tournament is proof that regardless of stage, the counterstrike level has sky-rocketed over the past year.

    AbhiAbhiMåned siden
    • @Brian Malcolm damn! Took roughly 10 mins but it worked!!

      Reginald MajorReginald MajorMåned siden
  • Spirit win

    Danil KolchinDanil KolchinMåned siden

    rockfnbrrockfnbrMåned siden
    • big boom is making big mistakes even in quarter-final howww howwww could you :(

      Süleyman FANİSüleyman FANİMåned siden
  • NaVi did so many mistakes Oh my gooodneeesss.....

    FisteInnitFisteInnitMåned siden
    • @FisteInnit I hope they fix it up asap until next tourn. thats the only idea i can think about them. Because they know they can dominate every opponent as they did before. You were 1st team in the world, you cant be defetead like that :(

      Süleyman FANİSüleyman FANİMåned siden
    • @Süleyman FANİ they just fell down like pear...

      FisteInnitFisteInnitMåned siden
    • Yeah unfortunately, and this made me soo sad and also mad :/ what happened to them :(

      Süleyman FANİSüleyman FANİMåned siden
  • pozdro 600

    Oskar MurzaOskar MurzaMåned siden
  • navi throwing games is so annoying

    justin Kirchmayerjustin KirchmayerMåned siden
    • Shiro's clutches made them mentally weak..

      DVN_DRADVN_DRAMåned siden
    • @FisteInnit what do you mean by better tactics? Isn't "wait for final 10sec & then Rush B" sufficient enough?

      TheBlueSkullTheBlueSkullMåned siden
    • They literally did too many mistakes they really need better tactics

      FisteInnitFisteInnitMåned siden
  • Virtus.Pro beats Astralis 2-1. Yeah, we're still not sure if that's entirely right. BUT IT IS!

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-StrikeMåned siden
    • @madeline levy c'est vrai !

      AbhiAbhiMåned siden
    • Gambit the rising team? Oh well Hobbit from gambit is performing well. He's playing like zywoo of vitality!

      madeline levymadeline levyMåned siden
    • This IEM Kato is SOOO GOOD. Been watching all the games!

      AbhiAbhiMåned siden
  • ñ

    boloboloMåned siden