The sky is FalleN's ENEMY! - Pros vs. Easy Bots Part 3

2 Pros, a few Bots, one Blindfold: This is senseless CSGO!
We've sent our Grim and FalleN from Team Liquid against some of the strongest opponents CSGO has to offer.
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  • If Grimm communicates that poorly in-game then it would explain why liquid are so weak.

    Christor 'SaintPingu'Christor 'SaintPingu'Måned siden
  • Hahahaha

    LuKas 7LuKas 7Måned siden
  • this series is so fkn boring gj milking the pros

    lillebrekkelillebrekkeMåned siden
  • This is why Team Liquid doesn't play train.

    yungjin ryungjin rMåned siden
  • Grim gave horrible commands uff

    ExpensiveFridgeExpensiveFridgeMåned siden
  • Moses sitting in the background as his two kids play

    BotBotMåned siden
  • F FER

    leo buhsleo buhsMåned siden
  • 1:03 amk 😂😂😂😂😂

    Özgür ÖzdemÖzgür ÖzdemMåned siden
  • Astralis were the best,they have a good coordination

    TheMagicGamerTheMagicGamerMåned siden
    • @just john Oh, I was talking about the Yesterday game lol, I didn't get you

      TheMagicGamerTheMagicGamer20 dager siden
    • @TheMagicGamer Didnt play much? On this blind show he didint played... He was controling device, rewatch first episode of this show, you are talking about something else...

      just johnjust john20 dager siden
    • @just john Im not serious,I Just said that they won,so even If X9p didn't Play much it doesn't Matter,we know how good he is

      TheMagicGamerTheMagicGamer20 dager siden
    • @TheMagicGamer wtf, why are you taking everything so seriously? Be more positive, it was just a funny moment of their communication and nothing more

      just johnjust john20 dager siden
    • @just john They won,does It matter?

      TheMagicGamerTheMagicGamer20 dager siden
  • Why is no one talking about fallen using a secret lab chair pillow as a blindfold?

    EpicMasterPandaEpicMasterPandaMåned siden
    • @Mittron weird flex but ok

      blurblurMåned siden
    • @Mittron nice

      Jai Singh BishtJai Singh BishtMåned siden
    • I'm getting my secret lab Monday, no one cares but just so u know

      MittronMittronMåned siden
  • they are so bad at explaining, its not even funny

    [BosS] HITMAN 20[BosS] HITMAN 20Måned siden
    • @m k they are so used to their sensitivity. Its easy and will work. Try urself if your good at the game

      AqiLAqiLMåned siden
    • @AqiL first, you will have to give the person an experimental way to understand what it means, for example, to turn the game 90° with your eyes closed

      m km kMåned siden
    • i would rather use angle of degress to explain. it would be way easy. Like aim down 40°

      AqiLAqiLMåned siden
    • Makes sense. Their comms during games are awful

      Luis GarciaLuis GarciaMåned siden
  • Grim not a good IGL uahuahauha

    Weverton LeiteWeverton LeiteMåned siden
  • Коммент

    S5QU 6QS5QU 6QMåned siden
  • Гу зи

    S5QU 6QS5QU 6QMåned siden
  • in one of the most luxurious training facilities and then you have this microphone quality like how XD

    BonneBonneMåned siden
    • Bad FalleNs mic

      CharlesCharlesMåned siden
    • @Bonne you can definitely hear the feedback going both ways. Again, fallen's is probably worse because the sound coming from any direction is going to be bouncing off the pillow on his face. Plus, they're using headsets bro. Headsets aren't made to have immaculate audio input. They're just there to get the job done.

      KenswordKenswordMåned siden
    • @Kensword nah the echo can an effect but that is not what you hear, also Grims' microphone doesnt sound that good either

      BonneBonneMåned siden
    • I’m pretty sure they’re echoing into each other’s mics. On top of that I’m pretty sure fallens mic and mouth are covered by a pillow, which is why it sounds bad.

      KenswordKenswordMåned siden
  • Мои тимейты

    ВиталийВиталийMåned siden
  • He should visit the Upside Down

    TritonTritonMåned siden
  • 0:18 ahahahaha

    ZumZikZumZikMåned siden
  • God Fallen tryin to kill the Jesus

    NlwizzerNlwizzerMåned siden
  • Presente

    Lucas AmaralLucas AmaralMåned siden
  • can i get a heart???????????? ?plzzzzzzzzzzz

    SNIPER .XSNIPER .XMåned siden
  • They need to nerf those bots

    Noob For LifeNoob For LifeMåned siden
  • This confirms it Fallen has lost his gift, I mean look at him dzeezus... capa

    MaxFiveMaxFiveMåned siden
  • Fallen is noob -FalleN +Zywoo

    Juan GarciaJuan GarciaMåned siden
    • Na bait

      VinimusicVinimusic18 dager siden
    • Vitality will never sell zywoo

      loolloolMåned siden
    • @Eljan Utod 2 Times best player omegalul I'm sure get_right and folders didn't stream snipe to win

      Luãh DiasLuãh DiasMåned siden
    • - hand + brain kappa

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyMåned siden
    • @Eljan Utod people still going on about that? lol

      mysterymysteryMåned siden
  • Fer vai ficar triste

    Guilherme JustenGuilherme JustenMåned siden
  • ye boiiii

    sonu fortsonu fortMåned siden
  • Mano, o FalleN e muito foda!!!

    Vinícius baliadoVinícius baliadoMåned siden
  • 2 views 5 likes noice

    Sanan ChaudhrySanan ChaudhryMåned siden
  • first

    Josue Quispe RivasplataJosue Quispe RivasplataMåned siden