The Team that 16-1d Astralis

The performance of Team Spirit at IEM Katowice 2021 is astounding to everyone.
Here's what the talent had to say about the underdog from the east.
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  • Oh my hearth!

    Joel MaldonadoJoel MaldonadoMåned siden
  • just lucky, onliner team

    uyak aderadnamuyak aderadnamMåned siden
  • Well gambit changed that didn’t they

    IIconIIconMåned siden
  • I would argue that the win on Train wich was Astralis pick is more impressive than the Dust 2 16-1 Edit : "Lifting a Katowice trophy", this is not a Katowice event its freaking online you are not playing in the spodek where the best teams in cs history have been fighting for the past 10 years, you are playing from your mom's basement and you pray that your ping will not be over 40

    IdolaMochi :3IdolaMochi :3Måned siden
  • North 16-1 prime astralis on dust2 grand final

    AidogeAidogeMåned siden
  • He doesn't know pepelaugh

    TL-PurgeTL-PurgeMåned siden
  • Machine looks like white Weeknd

    KsiondzKsiondzMåned siden
  • this didn't age well

    Connor PiazackiConnor PiazackiMåned siden
  • ESL is fast to upload Spirit is fast to lose But you know what else is fast? Csgo fast..........

    Slow ReactionSlow ReactionMåned siden
  • I understand you guys are looking for content for your tournament but lets be logical please. The videos you're releasing comparing Shi1ro to S1mple are absolutely insane. He's never done anything on LAN. He's a great player but no where near the level of hard carry or skill of someone like s1mple. Just let players be themselves and stop with the comparisons. Also, it's a bad look for a tournament to have 3 borderline tier 2 teams in the finals. Does anyone really believe that Spirit would beat Astralis on LAN or that Gambit would beat Navi? I understand you guys have to work with what you are given but please pump the brakes, it really comes off as obnoxious.

    ColdSmoothColdSmoothMåned siden
  • Welp guess the grim reaper failed to take Gambit's live.

    I'm just a tree in someone else's storyI'm just a tree in someone else's storyMåned siden
  • Astralis Legendary time for me!

    QaZaQ LegendaryQaZaQ LegendaryMåned siden
  • rip

    Pixelated BluPixelated BluMåned siden
  • man this surely didn't age well, just in 4 hours

    Harouna MahdiHarouna MahdiMåned siden
    • Doesn't matter if they won, they have proved they are able to beat the all-stars

      Relja JacimovicRelja JacimovicMåned siden
  • It aged decently but not so well

  • Я который смотрю после матча гамбит спирит...

    Kamil SaurovKamil SaurovMåned siden
  • Gambit 2:0 Spirit) NT

    Назар ПетровНазар ПетровMåned siden
  • this did not age too well

    Justin SautterJustin SautterMåned siden
    • 😂😂

      Karan ChavanKaran ChavanMåned siden
  • *lost to gambit 2:0*

    Vojta TesařVojta TesařMåned siden
  • Pil gai gambit se bohot bura

    AkashAkashMåned siden
  • Keep calm and see Team Liquid lift the trophy

    TheRetartedEngineerTheRetartedEngineerMåned siden
  • Get Henry G back!

    Petar NedyalkovPetar NedyalkovMåned siden
  • Magixx > Magisk

    SansAvatarMaisSympaSansAvatarMaisSympaMåned siden
  • Yes.....T2 tier team rising...

    Shazz gamingShazz gamingMåned siden
  • Props to the editor who made this thumbnail

    nitiraj malviyanitiraj malviyaMåned siden
  • If there's a driving force between the roster of Team Spirit, it is sdy. Kudos to the whole Team.

    Japs MamantaJaps MamantaMåned siden
  • GG

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyMåned siden
  • Usually I would throw in a joke about my wife. But 16-1 is toooo serious.

    MrEihtMrEihtMåned siden
  • Team Spirit is a very power packed team overall. I like their style.

    Mayur ArunMayur ArunMåned siden
  • God shiro will bury spirit

    k4rlok4rloMåned siden
  • CIS power baby

    sannidhya balkotesannidhya balkoteMåned siden
  • machine is dripping tho no cap

    BotmiesterBotmiesterMåned siden
  • Even though I'm an astralis fan, full respect to team spirit for pulling this off

    • A real fan Salute to u

      A. SINGH 007A. SINGH 007Måned siden
  • im kinda pissed i missed the quarter finals were they yesterday?

    Jordan BJordan BMåned siden
    • They were yeah, semis are today at 2pm GMT

      Ben PhillipsBen PhillipsMåned siden
  • Thank you legends! We'll try to follow through

    Team SpiritTeam SpiritMåned siden
    • You're playing out of your mind!

      Relja JacimovicRelja JacimovicMåned siden
    • Was a good game.. expecting high level of CS in the future! All the best!

      Punit ShirodkarPunit ShirodkarMåned siden
    • Блин я не ебу за кого болеть за гамбит или вас

      I II IMåned siden
    • Rip

      Pascal HerrmannPascal HerrmannMåned siden
    • goodluck

  • XD

    B - NineEB - NineEMåned siden
  • This team has more Awareness > accuracy > mentality = Team Spirit

    Codename XCodename XMåned siden

    ZV 38shn1KZV 38shn1KMåned siden
  • just luck

    NolanNolanMåned siden
  • VP#1

    Cherry QCherry QMåned siden
  • we will see who's gonna laugh when the major is coming ;)

    noxenoxeMåned siden
    • Noone is laughing here mr crybaby fanboy

      Murat SarsenovMurat SarsenovMåned siden
  • When can we see the competition on this channel live on NOcds??

    • You can go to twitch and search for ESL_CSGO

      Ishan RehalIshan RehalMåned siden
    • I found only CIS (Russian) streams on NOcds.

  • I'm super hyped yo! Underdogs in the semis..

    Simba0011Simba0011Måned siden
  • I love these

    Hågen AakerHågen AakerMåned siden
  • Waiting for the news"Team Spirit Players Undergo a Drug Test Following their '16-1' Victory over Astralis on Dust2"

    Dani Setia HardianDani Setia HardianMåned siden
    • @Dani Setia Hardian for real? LMAO

      MichiMichiMåned siden
    • ​@eXXo DuS • 15 years ago im just joking, 'cuz this also happened in 2019, when mousesports win against EG '16-0'

      Dani Setia HardianDani Setia HardianMåned siden
    • @eXXo DuS • 15 years ago NO

      Dani Setia HardianDani Setia HardianMåned siden
    • Astralis fanboy?

      eXXo DuS • 15 years agoeXXo DuS • 15 years agoMåned siden
  • Let's GOO CIS!!!!

    SlashSlashMåned siden
  • I bet on Team spirit 3.95 odds on this match. Imagine my joy

    Evan GeanasEvan GeanasMåned siden

      fean queenfean queenMåned siden
    • Gambit destroyed em

      Pascal HerrmannPascal HerrmannMåned siden
    • LMAO bc of magixxx??

      Laken KiesecomsLaken KiesecomsMåned siden
    • Really don't care

      MittronMittronMåned siden
    • I betted my dick on Gambit. Now i have two. With each one ball.

      a1faa1faMåned siden
  • XD XD actually

    TheBlueSkullTheBlueSkullMåned siden
  • *"Люди быстро забудет твой успех, Но никогда не забудет твой провал"*

    healoshealosMåned siden
    • @Slash +++, Очень он мне нравился, жаль что так вышло

      Morganite mMorganite mMåned siden
    • Да, так было с Ладиком, к сожалению...

      SlashSlashMåned siden
  • 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    KaShi watonKaShi watonMåned siden
  • Sorry but Sh1ro is hungry for trophies

    fica games11fica games11Måned siden
    • @Mister 7172 this aged well

      Vikrant basnetVikrant basnetMåned siden
    • @Mister 7172 well, gambit won against vp just now

      The SenateThe SenateMåned siden
    • Jame and Yekindar: :p

      Mister 7172Mister 7172Måned siden
    • Yekindar : lmao

      DVN_DRADVN_DRAMåned siden
    • Yeah I am really excited to see Shiro vs degster

      Morganite mMorganite mMåned siden
  • wait what happened lol

    maazmaazMåned siden
    • @Amey Patil dope thanks appreciate it

      maazmaazMåned siden
    • @maaz astralis and navi lost to vp and gambit yesterday in quarter finals and are out 😭. And navi lost to liquid in group finals and astralis to spirit and that's where spirit had a perfect 15-0 half against astralis on dust 2 , it was not 16-0 because magisk won the second pistol in 1v1 or it would have been 16-0 hence 16-1 and now liquid, gambit , spirit , vp remaining in semis ❤️🔥. Thankyou 😬😁

      Amey PatilAmey PatilMåned siden
    • @Timelapse have astralis been playing poorly or did spirit just go off and are definitely winning katowice. Who else is left haven't seen any matches :(

      maazmaazMåned siden
    • Spirit smashed astralis in group finals

      TimelapseTimelapseMåned siden
  • Thumbs up to ESL kekw

    Dani Setia HardianDani Setia HardianMåned siden
  • Rip

    VLAD OWN // PDBVLAD OWN // PDBMåned siden
  • first

    lemur iskolemur iskoMåned siden
  • Astralis destroyed

    Murad مرادMurad مرادMåned siden
  • Chopper imo is really the main fragger on spirit, I see him get a lot of impact frags aswell

    FinqzzFinqzzMåned siden
    • Better say that they are so good as a team.

      tr1xztr1xzMåned siden
    • @Kris Reece i mean he joins them recently so i think that both Mir and Magixx still have more impact to the current Spirit team + iDisbalance wasnt even bad before he got replaced but it surely is an upgrade. Maybe in the second half of this year if he can keep his from, i would say he's definitely their best player.

      GeriGeriMåned siden
    • @Geri Completely forgetting their best player Degster lol..

      Kris ReeceKris ReeceMåned siden
    • Igl can still hit headshots but he's definitely not the main rifler

      AngusAngusMåned siden
    • well its obviously Mir and Magixx but he is indeed in a good form now

      GeriGeriMåned siden
  • Historical moment

    Джахангир УразбаевДжахангир УразбаевMåned siden
  • First

    Hardy1mHardy1mMåned siden
    • @Akhil Arya no, look at the first comment, it’s not this one

      Jacob SmithJacob SmithMåned siden
    • @Akhil Arya no

      JaveinneJaveinneMåned siden
    • 🥇

      Бекзат ЛензатовБекзат ЛензатовMåned siden
    • He actually is first

      Akhil AryaAkhil AryaMåned siden
    • Your not tho

      Jacob SmithJacob SmithMåned siden
  • Oof

    Swaraj KhanalSwaraj KhanalMåned siden