🏆 THE IEM Katowice 2021 GRAND FINALS 🏆

Today Gambit will take on Virtus.Pro in the IEM Katowice 2021 Grand Finals!
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  • Its 🥱

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyMåned siden
  • the olof 1:16 shot was legendary. Back then when i watched whole match. it was just crazy

    AqiLAqiLMåned siden
  • chills!

    Will SWill SMåned siden
  • After watching this clip my mind was blowing up.... Love the Editors It Was Like A Movie Trailer. 😍

    Drop XDrop XMåned siden
  • caraca o editor desse video é top o video ficou perfeito

    Edson CarvalhoEdson CarvalhoMåned siden
  • I just love these edits!!!!!!❤❤🙌

    MayukhMayukhMåned siden
  • Thanks for jinxing Astralis.

    Shin shichirinShin shichirinMåned siden
  • Katowice 2021 is a joke.

    RPtacticRPtacticMåned siden
  • Does anyone the names of the songs played at the finals? Can't find them except the Spirit one!

    PlatinumPlatinumMåned siden
  • Ohh the old m4 sound feels like a part of me

    Dexter DexDexter DexMåned siden
  • Gambit win flawless win🔥🔥🔥

    Just some guy who broke his mustacheJust some guy who broke his mustacheMåned siden
  • Valve should fix the hitbox

    KRIZULA11KRIZULA11Måned siden
  • When is the game?

    Chris ValdChris ValdMåned siden
  • Just like the good old days, glad to see both Gambit and Virtus rise from their ashes..

    dat girldat girlMåned siden
  • someone noticed how olof is in 3/5 highlights shown: the olof collateral on overpass the guardian awp ace clutch (in the same team) the friberg A site inferno highlight (beside krimz) give this man a team please :)

    Trippy Ashh-Trippy Ashh-Måned siden
  • I this the major already?

    Thor CristoriaThor CristoriaMåned siden
  • Feels overwhelming

    Abdul RahmanAbdul RahmanMåned siden
  • No faze eh?

    Puza BangsaPuza BangsaMåned siden
  • The People on the Grand Finale day live as if they are gonna die tomorrow and this make CSGO Esport Scene so much special.

    ϟ SiD ϟϟ SiD ϟMåned siden
  • Its 🥱 , nd pls stream on NOcds too ffs

    Harsh ParmarHarsh ParmarMåned siden
  • Legendary Olofmeister

    • Jrmeister• JrmeisterMåned siden
  • This 2 minute video is better than all the garbage Hollywood have produce last year.

    3BouSs Gaming3BouSs GamingMåned siden
  • CIS Katowice 2021

    VladislavVladislavMåned siden

    Laila khanLaila khanMåned siden
    • Pubg?

      Sayantan MukherjeeSayantan MukherjeeMåned siden
  • Someone already give a raise to the editor of this video

    darshil dhokadarshil dhokaMåned siden
  • I miss guardian

    Yash AgarwalYash AgarwalMåned siden
  • I miss LANs men ((

    ExpansesExpansesMåned siden
  • I hope that VP wins it, They are working hard

    TusharTusharMåned siden

    АлександрАлександрMåned siden
  • This made me love cs more and I didn't even know how

    Henry AllinsonHenry AllinsonMåned siden
  • Navi forever

    AssassinAssassinMåned siden
  • lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Abhishek PatelAbhishek PatelMåned siden
  • CIS so good boys!

    Руслан УянаевРуслан УянаевMåned siden
  • Bruhh..I got the chills

    Kyle LeabresKyle LeabresMåned siden
  • Русские есть?

    Avtomat KalashAvtomat KalashMåned siden
  • Best G2_Esports

    Darkness.Darkness.Måned siden
  • Great movie

    stachustachuMåned siden
  • Grand finals came faster than mach 4

    CraftworkCraftworkMåned siden
  • Воооооууу

    Nurdin4ikNurdin4ikMåned siden
  • When is this happening guys?

    King CaineKing CaineMåned siden
    • right now

      tikiiztikiizMåned siden
  • pog

    dead insidedead insideMåned siden
  • Давно гамбиты не добивались хороших результатов) молодцы, вернули форму)

    Chelyaba NaProvodeChelyaba NaProvodeMåned siden
  • Wtf "katowice" (cisovice) :D GAMBIT THE MAJOR CISOVICE 2021 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    PEPEGAPEPEGAMåned siden
  • Wtf happen to Astralis?!?! Bummed they're not in the grand final, even tho they realistically prob should give other teams a chance to win as well hahaha

    Tommy VeeeTommy VeeeMåned siden
    • @Phyzer astralis is bummed out now and not like they were back then

      Masato MiyaharaMasato MiyaharaMåned siden
    • @Startrance yes I think so aswell... It also takes a better mental game to play in front of a crowd on LAN

      PhyzerPhyzerMåned siden
    • Astralis is more poweredup during LAN Tournaments, this online fiesta is making alot of teams play worse then they normally would.

      StartranceStartranceMåned siden
    • @Петр I will remind you of that comment in a few months. kekw

      PhyzerPhyzerMåned siden
    • Indeed, Astralis will no longer confidently keep their top 1

      ПетрПетрMåned siden
  • onliners sucks

    Anuj ShaanAnuj ShaanMåned siden
  • Natus Vincere has fucked up Katowice this year :( so fucking depressing

    Zew2KZew2KMåned siden
  • missing guardian

    Manish KumarManish KumarMåned siden
  • Let's go....

    Syah BagusSyah BagusMåned siden
  • At least stream the final on yt

    知MartiN知MartiNMåned siden
    • @Oleg S. twitch chat built differently

      Iamnotthenoobofpotatoes iamIamnotthenoobofpotatoes iamMåned siden
    • Yes please

      landocarlrissianlandocarlrissianMåned siden
    • @Oleg S. true that.

      RektMoonRektMoonMåned siden
    • all esl events are gonna be twitch exclusive for 2021 (and maybe even 2022)

      EaEaMåned siden
    • @Sameer Saleem twitch is sh₽t- my opinion

      Oleg S.Oleg S.Måned siden
  • incrivel, a temporada !!!!! BRASIL !!!!!

    Davidson RamalhoDavidson RamalhoMåned siden
  • are they streaming it in yt?

    Angelo YusonAngelo YusonMåned siden
    • @Michal Korenko except twitch chat is absolute cancer

      Švédský BezdomovecŠvédský BezdomovecMåned siden
    • @valsh twitch >yt for esporta lmao

      Michal KorenkoMichal KorenkoMåned siden
    • n,only twitch :(

      valshvalshMåned siden
  • When?

    Kwee SawKwee SawMåned siden
  • Worst final so far i hope next katowice gonna be on LAN :(

    G2BatuG2BatuMåned siden
    • True

      loolloolMåned siden
    • Both teams deserve it

      IrkhanIrkhanMåned siden
    • True

      WitalikysWitalikysMåned siden
  • niceeeeeee

    sharpTVsharpTVMåned siden
  • am I crazy or grand finals came fast af?

    Veljko TodorovićVeljko TodorovićMåned siden
    • That's what she said 🥲

      pranay ppranay pMåned siden
    • Yeah, the play in is only like 5 days

      blurblurMåned siden
    • Yeah it did

      wolfwolfMåned siden
    • @Lucas Yap yeah they are i didnt say they werent.

      eXXo DuS • 15 years agoeXXo DuS • 15 years agoMåned siden
    • @eXXo DuS • 15 years ago so are vp and gambit

      Lucas YapLucas YapMåned siden
  • last time I was this early the winner was known

    Ricky BallsRicky BallsMåned siden
    • astralis vs ence?

      Hugo WickHugo WickMåned siden
  • fuark yeaaaaa!!

    tikiiztikiizMåned siden
  • Lets goooooo!

    NeviqNeviqMåned siden
  • s1mple best

    Yaroslav KovacYaroslav KovacMåned siden

    Luk3Luk3Måned siden
  • tournaments get more boring and boring as the online cs progresses

    VasIlIjeBVasIlIjeBMåned siden
    • 2 shit teams at the Grand Finals.

      loolloolMåned siden
    • Why are you trying to kill eSports?🤣🤣

      road to silver elite masterroad to silver elite masterMåned siden
  • lets go!!

    Elite0209Elite0209Måned siden
    • Is it best of 3 or best of 5??

      Karan ChavanKaran ChavanMåned siden
    • gambit gonna 2-1

      Elite0209Elite0209Måned siden
  • Я хочу Питсы!

    Legenda AMLegenda AMMåned siden
  • Early

    AEzokkoAEzokkoMåned siden
  • 1 minutes

    Andriansyah Indra RamadhanAndriansyah Indra RamadhanMåned siden
  • Yo

    Auganas *Auganas *Måned siden
  • Hello!

    YugomarYugomarMåned siden
  • Any love for the old M4 sounds though?!

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-StrikeMåned siden
    • I'm still waiting for the old P250 sound to come back lol

      Rizwaan AliRizwaan AliMåned siden
    • No

      Tomas ParaisoTomas ParaisoMåned siden
    • hell yeah

      Klutzy.Klutzy.Måned siden
    • Nobody misses old AK sounds? :(

      The Random AppleThe Random AppleMåned siden
    • I love CS:GO and ESL old times.

      Granie w PiżamieGranie w PiżamieMåned siden